Google Ads Free Driverless Taxi Rides Discounted Venues Coming Soon?

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Google has a way of immersing itself into the everyday life of Internet consumers, and it appears they have no intention on stopping. A patent labeled “US 8630897 B1” is currently on its way to the final stage of approval. As the digital market grows, more consumers are not happy about ads and their appearance online – it appears the future may now hold incentive for consumers. When a user is online searching for a restaurant, Google’s data mining talents come into play and a new ad may appear for the user. It will display a special for dinner for 25 percent off, and oh, by the way, there is a free taxi ride for them as well. That taxi can arrive and have the patron deposited in their seat within 10 minutes.

Excitedly sharing this news with a friend, she responded “what taxi company will be willing to do that?” After the droll look in response, she realized how intense Google is truly becoming. The web search king is offering its own self-driving cars as a way to pick up users and deliver them to their final venue. Interested yet? Or just a little bit scared? It seems the future is coming at a much faster rater than intended.

Google Ads Click for Free Driverless Taxi Discounted Venues Coming SoonGoogle’s patent discusses potential discounts for ways to get to their destination, such as train, bus and automobile. Interestingly, within the “Brief Summary of the Invention” section, Google has another alternative. They mention, almost nonchalantly, an autonomous vehicle can be readily available with the destination computed for a “jump in and go” for the users. With just a click, consumers may just start enjoying more discounted venues such as dinner at five star restaurants to seeing a popular play. Additionally, Google may just have the perfect idea for that transportation issue.

The patent in essence works for advertisers and most certainly works for Google. The company mentions in the patent the hesitation of some transport companies that may not be too keen on free transportation. This may involve the venue contributing a sum of the customer’s bill back into the taxi service. Or, if testing becomes reality, it could be Google’s own driverless vehicles pulling up to the door.

It is no secret Google has been testing driverless cars, it is also recent news that Google has launched the Open Automotive Alliance with a group of car companies. The Alliance works with Google to implement the Android operating system within cars, as a platform of interactivity and use. While this can bolster the appeal for car manufacturers, it is more than likely Google has an ace up their sleeve.

By working with car companies, they may be able to strike a deal to conclude their final phase of creating the driverless car. Including shaking hands with manufacturers to develop the Google emblazoned vehicles. Rumors have been flying regarding Google’s veiled hunt looking for a car manufacturer to complete the establishment of their driverless cars. The Alliance may had just provided a strong network of possibilities for Google.

It seems the patent is coming along as expected. Google originally submitted the patent in 2011 for approval, and it seems it may just be coming to fruition. This will definitely stir the “creepy” factor of how embedded technology will become to each individual accessing the Internet. Advertisers are sure to jump at the deal and the numerous crawlers, mining and etc. that Google has will only increase. Google ads will become more interesting as consumers will be able to click for a free taxi and receive discounts at local venues. Interested in the idea of a Google, driverless car showing up the door? Or just a little bit perturbed? Share thoughts in the comments.


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