Francois Hollande Sneaks in to See the First Lady

Francois Hollande

Francois Hollande has finally taken the time sneak in to see the First Lady in the hospital.  The French President’s common-law wife, Valerie Trierweiler, was admitted to the hospital after she fell ill when revelations came about that he had been cheating on her.  Trying to deal with shock following the revelations, Trierweiler had taken “a pill too many” to cope with the shocking revelations.

France’s head of state was smuggled into the hospital suite to avoid looking “cruel and heartless,” according to presidential aides.  The same aides would not release the form of transportation their boss used to visit Pitie Salpetriere Hospital.  Hollande had been secreted around Paris previously on a scooter, as he and his apparent mistress, Julie Gayet, met clandestinely.

Ms. Gayet, 41 and mother of two, and the alleged target of Hollande’s affections,  started acting when she was 17.  Recently she starred in Quai d’Orsay.  In the film, Gayet playes a adviser to the French ministry.  Gayet, wife of Argentine director Santiago Amigorena, comes from Suresnes, a suburb of Paris.

The French are accepting and tolerant of their president’s boorish behavior; however, they are very curious about the status of the First Lady, which is why While Francois Hollande had to sneak in to see her.  Hollande was allegedly already seeing Ms Gayet when he bestowed on Ms Trierweiler, 48, the title of First Lady after his election in 2012.

If the timeline of the aides is correct, it makes a mockery of The First Lady’s role at the Presidential Palace.  Her perks include an office, staff, homes and the use of limos.

According to the French magazine Closer, Hollande juggled his two lovers between love nests as the nation’s economy tanked.  In July, during the roughest hits to the French economy, Hollande stayed at one of his French homes with Ms. Guyet while Ms. Trierweiler was on vacation in Greece waiting for him.

Hollande plans to announce on Tuesday which lady will be the First Lady.  On February 11, he is due in Washington DC to meet with American President Barack Obama and his First Lady, Michelle.

Kuriansky, author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Healthy Relationships, says that Trierweiler was naive not to have seen the affair.

Given the reality of life for the rich and famous, where temptation and opportunity often intersect, Trierweiler should have seen it coming, says Kuriansky.  After all, the never-married Hollande had a previous girlfriend, whom he left for Trierweiler in 2007.  There is truth to the saying, “history repeats itself.”

Having children doesn’t ensure a long-term commitment and position by a powerful man’s side either.  Hollande dumped the mother of his four children for Trierweiler.  For her part, Trierweiler is a twice-divorced mother of three who started her romance with Hollande while she was still married.

Every man can stray regardless of background or status.  Privileged and powerful men often have more opportunities as well as the traits that feed the self-importance and self-indulgent sense of entitlement that lead to playing around.

Francois Hollande isn’t the first celebrity to get caught.  Two powerful aphrodisiacs, power and wealth, have been proven in cases in Hollywood, Washington and sports.  Golfer Tiger Woods, former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and U.S. President Bill Clinton have all been caught up in notoriety around cheating and scandals.

While Francois Hollande sneaks in to see the First Lady, French voters might start sneaking around and find a new president.  Only time will tell.

Editorial By Jerry Nelson

The Economist
NY Post

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