Ghost Ship Heads for U.K. Filled With Cannibalistic Rats (Video)

Ghost Ship Heads for U.K. Filled With Cannibalistic Rats
Ghost Ship Heads for U.K. Filled With Cannibalistic Rats

A ghost ship filled with cannibalistic rats is heading for the U.K. after being at sea for over a year and causing quite a stir among residents fearing the diseased flesh-eating rats will invade the countryside once the ghost ship docks on the coastline of Great Britain.

The ship, which is over forty years old, was impounded in 2010 in Canada. After being in impound for two years, officials decided to tow the 4,250-ton ocean liner to Dominican Republic as scrap. During the voyage, the line towing the Lyubov Orlova broke and the ship was lost. Canadian officials reportedly were able to capture the ship again, towed it into international waters and let it loose.

The Lyubov Orlova has been floating in international waters for the past year, ever since Canadian officials let her loose. However, coastguard officials state, the stormy weather in the area could have blown the ship towards England, opening up the possibility the ship could hit the British coast.

The Lyubov Orlova used to be a passenger ship and traveled to the remotest areas of the Arctic before it was impounded and docked in Newfoundland four years ago after the owners were unable to solve numerous debt problems. After the crewmembers discovered the company could not pay their wages, they abandoned the ship.

Since the release of the ship into international waters, the rats left onboard have had no access to food and may have turned on each other to survive.

Pim de Rhoodes, an employee of the Belgian organization searching for the ghost ship on a collision course with the U.K, stated he expected the ship to be seething with hungry, cannibalistic rats. Once on board, he will have to spread poison throughout the ship.

Salvage hunters, people or companies that seek abandoned ships in order to sell them for scrap, are racing to discover where the Lyubov Orlova is located. Salvage hunters are looking to turn a hefty profit since salvaging the Lyubov Orlova could end up being a million dollar prize.

Since the Canadian officials cut the ship loose, the location of the Luybov Orlova remains a mystery. Two of the ship’s emergency beacons were triggered last March. Officials believe the beacons might have been activated when rafts broke free in a storm. Authorities have reported an undocumented ship off Scotland’s coast last year, but search parties were unable to find the mystery ship. The coast guard is confident the Lyubov Orlova is afloat.

According to the Ireland’s Coast Guard Chief, Chris Reynolds, stated although strong storms have rocked the area in the last few months, it takes much more then the recent storms to sink a ship the size of the Lyubov Orlova.

Officials have not confirmed whether cannibalistic, diseased rats actually exist onboard, however, the idea has captivated movie lovers with the Hollywood worthy situation.

The mysterious folklore of the abandoned Lyubov Orlova will not diminish in the near future as the ghost ship filled with cannibalistic rats heads for the U.K.

By Deborah Baran

The Denver News



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