Google Buys Artificial Intelligence DeepMind NASA Machine Learning Next

The Wall Street Journal has confirmed tech powerhouse Google has purchased the artificial intelligence (AI) start-up company, DeepMind Technologies, Ltd. for a reported, up to $500 million if not more. While the terms of the deal were not fully disclosed, those who follow all things Google may see it as a much coming purchase. In the late spring season of 2013, tech outlets became aware of a new lab interest by Google. The lab would house the research of the quantum computers and the speculation of advanced machine learning, hosted by none other than NASA. Could this purchase lead to the NASA hosted lab for a revolutionary computing age?

Will Google take up the research invite with NASA?
Will Google take up the research invite with NASA?

The specifics of quantum computing is intricate and would provide a technological genius to discuss the minute details. For Google, it basically means to develop a way of acquiring more information, where information would no longer be limited to the falling green, Matrix numbers of ones and zeros. Instead, imagine the flexibility of numbers in what is known as quantum bits (qubits). The computer would be able to perform calculations never imagined on a traditional desktop computer.

The acquisition of DeepMind Technologies, Ltd. a developed AI company speaks volumes of progression of machine learning. The alleged half-billion buy brings forth a cutting edge AI company that basically merges the world of “systems” neurosciences with “the best” developments of “machine learning.” The algorithms developed by DeepMind are a method of research madness. This buy from Google truly makes them a technological powerhouse, that borders on creepy. Previously, NASA’s Ames Research Center mentioned hosting a supercomputer lab for research, to invited developers and specialists. Google made the list.

In a blog post by Google on May 16, 2013 – the company stated they wanted to build a useful search engine where there is no such thing as limits. To provide the level of research, NASA stepped forward and stated they would host a lab with a quantum computer, provided by D-Wave Systems. This computer will allow Google to share research time when it comes to developing what they call advanced “machine learning.”

Google is frustrated with the limitations presented by average computers, they need the aspect of a true idea of morphing the landscaping of search. To do this, Google had announced on the same blog post they have already developed “quantum machine learning algorithms.” It seems potentially the purchase of DeepMind will further their endeavors.

Demis Hassabis
Demis Hassabis

Google has many projects in the works, but it seemingly leads to one path of AI. Consider the avenues of their self-driving cars and their operated robots. The creation of Google is becoming explosive and pushing the current climate into another realm of technological revolution. The founder of DeepMind nor Google have confirmed the final sale price listed here, but Re/code, stated Google confirmed with them the purchase completion.

DeepMind was developed and created by the prodigal mind of neuroscientist Demis Hassabis, with his partners Shane Legg and Mustafa Suleyman. It is Hassabis who leads the appeal and purpose of DeepMind being enveloped by Google.  For those who need a connection point, Hassabis was the founder behind Elixir Studios, in addition he was the executive engineer of design over the Evil Genius and Republic: The Revolution games. This is a mastermind who was born in 1976 and earned his PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience in 2009.

Google stepping forward to purchase DeepMind for reportedly around a half-billion or more, speaks volumes on their future plans. With the hosting of the supercomputer lab by NASA; quantum computing and machine learning is shoving the technological revolutionary age closer than expected. It will be both enthralling and frightening to see the bold leaps of advances Google will be researching in the next several years.


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