Google’s New Technology Helps Diabetics

Google Smart Contact Lens

Google has done it again. The tech company’s newest project is trying to reach out to diabetics by working on contact lens designed to calculate glucose levels in tears. A wireless chip, a small glucose sensor and tiny LED lights to warn the wearer if the glucose levels are too high or too low are part of Google’s prototype, a project still in its infancy. Although discussions with the FDA are still in progress, Google’s new technology could ease diabetics’ lives.

Project co-founders Brian Otis and Babak Parviz have just spread the news regarding Google’s newest project, an idea which stems from the alarming number of diabetics worldwide. After the International Diabetes Federation gave up hope and declared that one in every 19 people on Earth is struggling with diabetes and the drudgery of wearing a glucose monitor which receives information about glucose levels from a sensor inserted under the skin, Google is now trying to make things less painful for 347 million of people. Otis and Parviz believe that Google X laboratory has the necessary technology to find out if miniaturized chips and sensors and an antenna no thicker than a human hair can solve the question which has been hovering over the tear glucose, namely if it can accurately track glucose levels without disrupting the human body.


Google revolutionizes the medical world

Taking into consideration the fact that millions of people die from consequences of fasting high blood sugar, Google’s technology could determine diabetics to check their blood glucose more often. The potential of the tech company’s prototype has already generated appraisal from both diabetics and non-diabetics, who once again reach common ground: that this wearable gadget with genuine medical benefits could be diabetics’ chance to live a normal life.

Pertinent questions from Google enthusiasts revolve around the smart contact lens’ price, but offering an answer could put the project co-founders in difficulty for now since the product is far from seeing the daylight. According to proud Google employees, blending science and engineering into a small device will clearly make a difference in diabetics’ lives and this extreme wearable technology could revolutionize the medical world. Moreover, sources say that although Google just broke the news, the prototype’s internal presentation occurred a while ago, so the company’s research is more advanced than people might think. The world is unanimously cheering for Brian Otis and Babak Parviz’s idea to free people with chronic medical conditions from the stigma of the monitoring device.

Google also announced that it is seeking partners who can help the company develop apps which will allow wearers and doctors to have access to the measurements gathered by the smart contact lens. Although the company admits that its newest project may seem strange or speculative, Google has made it clear that the discouraging predictions issued by the International Diabetes Federation represented the engine that led to the birth of the smart contact lens.

This is not the first time Google X, the company’s hidden laboratory is generating worldwide interest, but its desire to solve whatever problems humanity might encounter has reached new heights. If the company’s new technology can help diabetics lead a normal life, Google will be able to check off medical breakthrough.


By Gabriela Motroc


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