Facebook Friends More Likely to Be Unfriended

FacebookThere are certain types of Facebook friends more likely to be unfriended over others. Some of these people are also the reason for 11 million young people, according to the Daily Mail, leaving the social media website.

According to a survey by The Telegraph, 68 percent would unfriend someone due to boasting or bragging. That was closely followed by those who would constantly share status updates about their relationship with their partner. Here are the most likely reasons for someone to delete a Facebook friend.

1. Offensive or Depressing Comments

Comment on other status or on their own status is a reason for others to unfriend a person. Political comments could also fall under this, as some political views are offensive to those with differing views. The downside to this is the person may not have meant the comments in that way at the time of writing. It is very difficult to tell the meaning behind text on a computer screen.

Offensive comments are also slightly subjective. Some people view over-sharing as offensive at times. Sharing too much detail about the sex life can be a turn off for many. Over-sharing can also fall in the bragging section.

2. Jealousy Over Holidays and Shares

PromotionalCodes.org.uk also carried out a survey on 820 users on Facebook. The results showed that 11 percent of people unfriended a person due to jealousy. Users who share updates about competitions they have won, people they have met or holidays they have been on annoy those who do not have the chance.

The lesson here is that Facebook friends should avoid sharing too much or they are more likely to be unfriended. On the other hand, there is the question of whether those who share the things they enjoy really want those who are jealous of them in their lives.

3. Lack of Interaction

IM Incite shared a study that showed lack of interest was one of the reasons for people to click the unfriend button. The whole point of social media is to be social and stay in touch with friends. When there is a lack of interaction, it shows a lack of interest and want for a friendship. It is important to try to interact with the other person first, though. If they ignore the messages or have short, snappy responses, it could definitely be time to pull the plug on the relationship.

4. Don’t See Them in Real Life

There are some acquaintances on Facebook that people don’t know in real life. This is another reason for people to unfriend. However, not seeing someone often enough in real life can also be an issue, especially for those who are in the same area—the whole benefit of social media is to talk to people regularly who live too far away.

There is a danger for others on a friend list when acquaintances are people someone doesn’t know. Privacy settings are minimal in many cases, leading to the sharing of others’ statuses with people they don’t know through commenting and liking.

There are many reasons for someone to unfriend a person, but the above are some of the most common. Understanding these will help anyone on Facebook know whether a friend is most likely to unfriend them and take steps to avoid it happening.

Editorial by Alexandria Ingham

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The Telegraph

Daily Mail

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  2. CliqueOut   January 18, 2014 at 4:48 am

    Yeap, those are the typical group of people i would unfriend. You know the weirdest thing is; i would sometimes unfriend people i know in real life because i know too much about them and i realised i didnt like them …

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