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Grammy Awards Reveals Pink’s Circus Career

Grammy Awards

This 2014 edition of the Grammy Awards boasted a large viewing audience of 28.5 million, but showcased some surprising revelations. Aside from Jay-Z and Beyonce’s knock-out performance, the ringleader to this award show Grammy Award circus was Pink, who wowed us with her ever-evolving aerial skills, a game changer in the career of pop artists everywhere. She originally debuted her silk talents in 2010, but nothing compares to this epic 2014 performance. Should singing ever go awry, this woman will have a lifetime career option with Cirque du Soliel.

 Pink is going strong at the age of 34, an age that marks retirement for most athletes that display similar strength and agility. The biggest proof of this professional athlete grade skill alive and kicking in the musician? Pink was able to coordinate gracefully as she hung suspended in the Grammy Awards hall while simultaneously belting two live songs. She’s done this for two award shows so far, and its doubtful that this year would mark the end of such a performance. Ironically, her opening song was Try, which is something that Pink doesn’t really need to do.

This Grammy Awards bonanza was accented by a duet with Nate Reuss of Fun. They sang out a portion of their hit song Give Me A Reason, which was followed by another exhibition of Pink’s strength and musical ability. The mother, wife of motocross superstar Corey Hart, singer and dancer, Pink is a woman of many occupations. Her biggest feat so far is her show of growing strength; during her Grammy performance she was able to lift and balance a one of her male dancers with such poise, it is startling to realize that this woman does not have a secret career in the circus.

Whether Pink is an oldie, or if this was her debut performance, her dedication to innovation is telling of the relevance this woman has in pop culture as a performer and an icon. But the biggest question on the audience mind is, how did she get to that skill level? Most aerialists begin their practice very early in life, whereas Pink has only been spinning the silks for a couple of years. The biggest tip offered to satiate the market for this acrobatic-aerial trend is from aerialist and trainer Dreya Weber. At 52, Weber reveals that her training has equipped Pink with a master skill set suited to win that Grammy Award performance, and also win that career in the circus. Weber asserts that anti-gravity yoga and pull-ups are the key to building a solid foundation to aerial skills. For those unclear as to what anti-gravity yoga is, its the practice of suspending yourself with the use of a silk hammock and applying different poses. Core strength as well as arm strength are a necessity in order to gain an evolving skill set, in both anti-gravity and aerial.

Whatever method kick-started Pink’s road to being an aerialist, one thing is for sure, her mastery of the skill has led to a giant trend in anti-gravity yoga studios, and acrobatic gyms. Pink also brought a little bit of the Grammy Awards to the circus, launching the 2014 awards season onto an exceptional start.

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