GTA 5 PC Gameplay Footage Fake?

GTA 5 gameplay footage fake

Gameplay footage from the PC version of GTA 5 was allegedly leaked by YouTube user warrockteam1 on Jan. 13, 2014. This prompted the PC gaming community to begin cautiously dissecting the contents of the video upload to assess its legitimacy.

CVG listed a series of factors that could support or refute the clip’s legitimacy. One of the main reasons that led many gamers to believe it was real was the demonstration of a graphics menu that facilitated the game’s extensive customization. For reference, this menu subsection provided the following graphical tweaks:

  • Resolution
  • VSync
  • Anisotropic filtering
  • Ambient occlusion
  • View and detail distance sliders
  • Quality settings for reflections, shaders, shadows, textures

It is also interesting to note the presence of a memory allocation limit, below the graphics menu, which provides the gamer with guidance over how far they can push their rigs; this feature has been spotted on a number of previous Rockstar titles, including Max Payne 3 and GTA IV.

However, CVG also noted that the gameplay appeared to be running at 30 fps, whereas most PC games tend to run at higher, smoother frame rates. Without knowing the specification of computer the game is, allegedly, being played on, it is impossible to know whether the game has been deliberately capped at this level.

The menu loading time is also very sluggish for a PC version of the game; loading times will, of course, depend upon whether the computer used is fitted with a solid state drive or a traditional hard drive, however. If this is an early build of the game, though, it’s logical to expect some small performance issues.

A number of suspicious findings, associated with navigation through the menu, have also been pointed out. Unusually, as the user adjusts the detail distance setting, the VRAM figure does not change; changing the texture quality, meanwhile, does adjust the VRAM figure. Furthermore, movement of the mouse cursor through the menu seems slow and smooth – atypical of regular, human mouse movement.

GTA 5 menu alleged to have been created for the PC
Graphical user interface alleged to have been created for the PC version of GTA 5.

In addition, the aliasing seen on the lane markers would, presumably, have been fixed for the PC version of GTA 5. The overall quality of the clip is extremely poor, appearing as though it was filmed at low-resolution on a handheld device; therefore, it’s difficult to make detailed or accurate comparisons between this footage and the original console gameplay.

Going into even further detail, a number of redditors claim the clip contains a series of, almost, seamless transitions to fabricate what appears to be a PC version of GTA 5. In the CVG video, around the one minute mark, the menu interface opens up to present a series of options. However, at 3:18, as the user exits the menu, the characters seem to shift position, ever-so-slightly; this is particularly noticeable when observing Franklin.

Adding to this, a number of reports have been circulating – on various websites and among reddit communities – that the alleged PC footage was merely doctored from a YouTube video of one of the console versions, uploaded back in September of last year. Unfortunately, the link to the footage in question appears to have been taken down, along with warrockteam1’s clip. Publisher Take-Two Interactive submitted a copyright complaint against each of the videos. The reason for takedown of the entirely innocuous September video, however, has yet to be explained.

With both videos having been removed from YouTube, a side-by-side comparison is no longer possible. However, it has been suggested that the uploader obtained pre-existing, poor quality GTA 5 console footage and simply added the graphical user interface to make it look like a PC edition.

Regardless, representatives from a number of retailers claim GTA 5 is slated for a March release. According to Sixth Axis, a source at the retail giant Amazon has also explained that they expect delivery of stock by as early as February.

By James Fenner


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