Heidi Klum Splits With Bodyguard Martin Kirsten

Heidi KlumAfter 18 months of dating, Heidi Klum and her bodyguard boyfriend, Martin Kirsten, are splitting up. It’s just the most recent celebrity breakup since the start of the year.

According to Radar Online, the split happened a few weeks ago, but is only being made public now. A source close to the 40-year-old model explained that Klum is moving on from a difficult time in her life.

The relationship started in 2012, shortly after she and her husband, Seal, divorced. It was a very dark time for the model and she needed a shoulder to lean on. The divorce ended seven years of marriage and was a difficult decision for the two celebrities. That shoulder to lean on was her bodyguard’s broad one. He continued to be her protector, as well as her boyfriend for the last 18 months.

A source close to the star has confirmed that Kirsten will no longer be his ex-girlfriend’s employee due to the breakup. Not only is he losing his supermodel girlfriend, but he’s losing his job too.

When sharing news about the relationship, in 2012, Klum was very positive about Kirsten’s interaction with her four children. She could trust him with their lives, which is always extremely important for a mom. He had been around the family for four years at the time of them starting a relationship, which made it easier for him to integrate into the family. However, it likely makes it even harder for him as he makes the split with Klum.

According to the source, they are still friends. It would seem that the split is mutual, but there has been no confirmation from their reps. There has also been no specific reason for the relationship’s end.

Klum announced that she was separating from her previous husband this time two years ago. In April, she had filed for divorce and, by September 2012, she was dating Kirsten. It would suggest that it was a rebound relationship, which often struggle to succeed. The source close to the supermodel seemed to agree that it was a rebound relationship, claiming it was all about the timing and he was “incredibly supportive.”

Due to the timing of the relationship starting, there were rumors that Klum had cheated on Seal with bodyguard Kirsten; some choice words articulated by Seal at an airport helped fuel this rumor. However, the British singer-songwriter made a statement informing people he never implied Klum had been unfaithful. At the time, he was pointing out that the pair were still married, since the divorce had not been finalized. People reported that Seal understood that people must move on after separation, and that was what Klum was doing with her bodyguard, in September 2012.

Seal was obviously agitated by the relationship, though. He made it clear that he would have preferred Klum to wait for the divorce to be finalized, before fornicating with others. There was a dig at Kirsten about not expecting anything better from him. He has made no comment so far about ex-wife Klum splitting up from bodyguard boyfriend Kirsten.

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