Heroin Found in McDonald’s Happy Meals

McDonald’s has been criticized time and time again for the nutritional value of their meals, but here’s some real food for thought: police have arrested a Pittsburgh McDonald’s employ who allegedly had sold them heroin in Happy Meals. These extra-happy meals were sold to an undetermined number of people over the course of an undetermined period of time.

After receiving a tip about the employee’s extra profit stream, the District Attorney Narcotics Enforcement unit determined that the illegal substance was indeed being distributed out of a McDonald’s restaurant in the city. Law enforcement were able to collect enough data to authenticate the selling of heroin from the McDonald’s restaurant.

Undercover agents and various officers from the region got in touch with the dealer and successfully arranged the meet. Upon purchasing the drugs, they were able to successfully make an arrest of Shania Dennis who is now in police custody.

Authorities claim to have recovered 10 stamp bags of heroin in their extra-Happy Meal and another 50 bags from Dennis herself, indicating that she intended to continue to sell the drugs.

Some wonder how it was even possible for any type of drug to have been successfully dealt in a McDonald’s. After all, aren’t there employees, managers and customers who would have caught on?

Perhaps one of those sources found out about the alleged heroin dealing and alerted authorities, but as of now it is too early to say for certain. Also, it is important to note how Dennis went about selling the drugs in the happy Meals. By operating out of the first drive-thru window, Dennis was able to handle her heroin under minimum supervision. Any McDonald’s employees and customers who were not part of the deal would have had very little chance of seeing her.

Also, Dennis used a code word system. Allegedly, when individuals came to the drive-thru and said “I’d like to order a toy,” they would get the automatic secret upgrade. When ordering just a toy, customers would not need to interact at the second window at all, and Dennis would not need to interact with other employees to complete the order.

This isn’t the first time an employee at a McDonald’s in the region has been pushing heroin while at work. Earlier this month, an employee in Murrysville was caught in the act in a very similar way.

Law enforcement also believe that these incidents are not in fact related to a recent outbreak of a deadly version of the drug within the region. Some 22 deaths have been linked to the Fentanyl-laced heroin. Fentanyl is an incredibly powerful drug that is sometimes used as a pain killer, although it is highly controversial and can become lethal very easily. Regardless, authorities are confident that as of now there is no evidence to suggest that the incidents are related.

At any rate, the curious case of the heroin in the happy meals is an interesting new way that drug dealers have tried to market their products. Although maybe not as clever as Walter White in Breaking Bad, Dennis’ escapades in the McDonald’s drive-thru have already found national attention as Twitter has exploded with its typical satire.  Given the little heroin bonus some found in their Happy Meals, at least some people will be saying “I’m Lovin’ it.”

By Brett Byers-Lane

CBS Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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