Hilary Duff Separates From Husband Amicably

Hilary DuffHilary Duff has announced that she is separating from her husband of three years, amicably. She and Mike Comrie married in 2010, but consider they work better as friends. They are the latest celebrity couple to decide 2014 is the year to go separate ways.

Duff and the retired NFL player married in August 2010. This was no rash decision, as they were dating exclusively since 2007.

Duff took to Twitter to tell all her fans about the end to the marriage. She thanked her fans for their support, and made it clear that she and her husband would still be there for each other. Her rep announced that they are still good friends and they will be there for their son, Luca, who was born in March 2012.

The news of the split will be surprising for many. There were no signs that they were having trouble. Photos taken just days before the announcement show them happy in the park with their son. It is clear that their decision was something they both agreed upon, and they do want to remain friends. They also saw the New Year in together, with a photo tweeted by the Lizzie McGuire star.

In the months running up to Christmas, they were also repeatedly seen together, and shared photos of the three of them as a family. Duff and Comrie took their son to Disneyland for the first time, and shared photos of his excitement. There were also photos of their Halloween together where they went as a scientist and lab rat.

Behind the scenes, however, is a different story and there were signs the amicable separation was coming for Duff and her husband. The pair has been through couples counseling, in an attempt to make the marriage work. In the end, they decided that they are better off apart than together, and their separation would be better for Luca, who is two in March.

There were some rumors spreading about a possible split in September. However, there was never any substantial evidence to support them at the time.

A source told People Magazine that there was nothing major that caused them to split up. This has been something that has happened over time. Ultimately, the decision was not something they have come to lightly, or a spur of the moment thought; they simply decided they had drifted too far apart.

When it comes to parenting their son, 26-year-old Duff and 33-year-old Comrie plan on co-parenting. This is clear from the photos of them at the park. Duff did share her feelings towards Comrie and his parenting with People, and had nothing but praise, saying that he is an “amazing father.”

Perez Hilton is optimistic about the decision to split. The fact that they remain friends makes him believe there is still a possibility that they will get back together. He is happy that they have each other to lean on through their divorce. At least there will be no issues for Luca, since the separation between Duff and her husband is said to be amicable.

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