American Horror Story Returns With a Violent Bang

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The return of FX’s hit miniseries, American Horror Story, started off with a violent bang this week as viewers saw the origins of Delphine LaLaurie’s murders. When she first came to New Orleans in 1830, the killing of a chicken inspired her to end her slaves in a similar fate. The episode came full circle when Delphine decided to begin her slayings again in modern time (with the help of Spalding), and the audience was reminded that Kathy Bates’ intriguing character will never change her ways despite Queenie’s attempted teachings in the previous episode.

The relentless blood splatter continued throughout the Horror Story episode: after Queenie understandably suggested that Cordelia’s leadership was becoming pointless and weak, viewers witnessed Cordelia stabbing herself in both eyes to regain her “second sight.” We also saw the attempted stabbing of the immortal Marie Laveau by Delphine, and the mass murder of the boardroom of witch hunters by Fiona’s lover, the axeman. It is safe to say that the intense, nonstop action in this week’s episode made up for the slower pace of the last episode.

Meanwhile, Spalding made a strange offer to Delphine; in exchange for something that could kill Marie Laveau and quench Delphine’s blood thirst, he wanted a “real life” baby doll. However, he knowingly gave her Benadryl instead of some sort of poison, and Spalding ensured that Delphine would be unable to kill Marie Laveau. When she confronted him about this, he said that he was just trying to get Marie out of his way and thought that Delphine would be the one to do the job. With that, he retreated to the attic to continue with his doll obsession while we were all left questioning what his true motives.

In the midst of all the bloody chaos, Zoe and Kyle emerged reunited and the two finally received solid Horror Story screen time. Kyle, who is able to speak and communicate normally now, helps Zoe uncover the truth about the death of Nan and blatantly refuses Madison’s advances. When Myrtle advises Zoe to flee with Kyle, she initially refuses on the grounds that she is dedicated to protecting the coven. Nevertheless, she eventually realizes that she would be doomed if she stayed: either Madison or Fiona would end surely end up killing her – especially if they thought she was the new Supreme.

With that in mind, the two ran away together with Myrtle’s tickets to Epcot in hand. As they boarded the bus, viewers waited for an angry Madison to appear and flip it over like she did at the beginning. However, it did not happen, which left viewers with an eerie sense that something tragic was on its way. With only two episodes left, there are still questions to be asked: Will Madison seek her jealous revenge? Will Zoe return to the coven out of guilt? Will she become the Supreme? Will Kyle be able to control his darker side? And, most importantly, will Zoe and Kyle go to Disney World? Horror Story is back with a violent bang and anticipated viewers waiting for the next episode.


By Taylor DeBlase


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