OfficeMax Sends Coupon to Illinois Resident Dead Daughter

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OfficeMax sent a coupon to a Chicago, Illinois resident’s dead daughter. Mike Seay is telling the public that he was shocked and stunned to recently discover among his daily mail he had received a $10 coupon which was offering that amount off of a future purchase at an OfficeMax office supplies store which was addressed to not only him, but also to his deceased child. His daughter had been killed in a car accident. The Illinois based national office provisions chain has caused a fury of questions about customer confidentiality after mailing the grieving father the solicitation which contained the vouchers that included the reference to the death of his daughter.

The horrible reminder, Mr. Seay explained, was of when Ashley Seay, age 17, died last April. She was over on the passenger side of her boyfriend’s SUV when it ran off the road and hit a tree. Each of the teenagers were declared deceased at the scene of the accident. It occurred in the Illinois town of Antioch which in the northern part of the state and is just to the south of Wisconsin. Mr. Seay stated he still thinks about Ashley all the time.

The grieving father wants to know why OfficeMax would have such private information, what purpose does it serve for an office supply store to need such data? He also wants to know what purpose is it serving anyone for the company to know that his daughter was killed. It has made him wonder that if they know that, just how much more information and what kind do they have if they have about his deceased daughter or what do they have on anyone else? He also has asked what they are using such private information for.

Mr. Seay allegedly reported that he first was met with conflict and disbelief from OfficeMax, which is based in Naperville, Illinois, after one of the company’s managers at a company call center told him in regards to the ghastly letter that it was impossible, and it could not have happened. OfficeMax changed its tune after investigate inquires, and they now are turning the responsibility onto a third-party mailing list source.

OfficeMax released a statement that said the company was very sorry that Mr. Seay had received such a mailing from their company, and they are trying to reach out to Mr. Seay to deliver their most sincere regret on such an unfortunate incident. The mailing occurred due to the renting of a mailing list to a third-party supplier. The company stated they have been in touch with the mailing list provider in an attempt to find out what occurred. Based on an initial investigation that has just begun, OfficeMax stated they believed the incident to be an unintentional error; and they will continue the investigation.

Regardless of who caused the error, the Seay family is now forced to relieve the death of their daughter. The Chicago, Illinois residents have a reason to be shocked and stunned over such horror on what they received in the mail, by Officemax.

By Kimberly Ruble


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