Hugh Grant Has Fathered Three Love Children

Hugh Grant Has Fathered Three Love ChildrenHugh Grant, 53, the English actor renowned for his performances as an archetypal emotionally inarticulate British male, has come late to fatherhood, but he appears to be making up for lost time. After what he called a “fleeting affair” with Tinglan Hong, who is Chinese, he announced that he was delighted to welcome their baby girl, born in September 2011.

The couple were no longer together, and Grant took two months to come public about his daughter, but when he did so, he did with undisguised pride and joy. The little girl is called Tabitha Xaio Hong Grant. In under a year and a half, Tabitha was joined by a baby brother, Felix Chang.  This time, Grant was quicker to respond to speculation and he tweeted himself from the St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, where his son was born on December 29th 2012, “ be crystal clear. I am the Daddy.”

Meanwhile, according to reports out today, another lady had been carrying a Hugh Grant love-child. Anna Elisabet Eberstein, a Swedish TV producer.  She too produced a son for the About a Boy star, in September of the same year. When the birth was first registered the space for the father’s name was left blank. Paternity came to light when it was re-registered last December with the full name of the thespian – Hugh John Mungo Grant.

Whether Tinglan and Anna were aware of the fact they were both expecting a child by Grant at the same time is unclear.  However, it has been stated that Anna’s parents have given their full blessing to their daughter’s relationship and that Grant is supporting both her and the child. They live in a “comfortable” house in West London.

Grant is best known for the romantic-comedy genre, from Four Weddings and a Funeral, to Notting Hill and Music & Lyrics. Will the mothers of his two youngest children see the funny side of their respective sons being so close in age?

Hugh Grant went onto the Ellen DeGeneres show to talk about how fatherhood had changed him when he first received the “happy surprise” of Tabitha’s arrival.  He explained that the baby’s name meant exactly that, “happy surprise” as that’s what she had been.  He told Ellen that everyone had always told him he should have children, and he could now see how right they were.  He recommended parenthood and told Ellen to “Get some” herself.

Two more children later, and Hugh Grant seems to be building up his blood-line. Despite this, he remains resolutely single.  He was known for many years as the man in the life of supermodel Elizabeth Hurley. The pair are still good friends. He then went on to have a three year affair with Jemima Khan. His dalliances with Tinglan Hong and Anna Elisabet Eberstein do not appear to be permanent, as such, although he is an devoted Dad. “Adore them both to an uncool degree” he tweeted about Tabitha and Felix, and, “They have a fab mum.”

So far the man who has portrayed so many hapless and bumbling romantics on screen, has not made any comment about his real-life love life and his third love-child.

By Kate Henderson

Daily Mail

Daily Mirror

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