International CES 2014 Preview

International CES 2014Las Vegas, Nevada the city of fantasy and electricity with the preview for the 2014 International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) at the Mandalay Bay opens their preview on January 5th. For the general public and the trade profession, the show runs from the 7th through the 10th of January.

Among many choices, the venue includes stands aimed to attract the savvy consumer inspecting options to smart house upgrade to a more efficient energy consumption class. The idea of controlling your energy usage via a mobile device has been around for quite some time now, but the market has been slow to catch on. Two companies ZigBEE ad Z-Wave are the biggest contenders in the market for remote alarm control systems and energy setting applications. Lowe’s Iris System is offering an entire connected-home system for those who wanted to be completely wired, perhaps even in Las Vegas.

This type of information ensuring improvement in the more mundane aspects of life, although not uninteresting when it comes to saving money, may not really rock your boat. However, there are still plenty of things to see at the 2014 International CES preview.

Of course more standard products, already successes in their own rights, televisions, computers, smart phones, etc. are on display with the applications, alterations and options that 2014 can offer. These technological innovations aren’t so much revelations but assistance to a lifestyle that most of the United States already enjoys and to which the general public can relate.

The most popular area at the International CES has always been televisions. This year will bring out all the big industry players like Samsung, LG, Sony, and Sharp as they show off their latest biggest televisions. The popular models this year are most likely to be OLEDs with a 4K resolution. A certain amount of new innovation in TV operating systems is also expected. Some manufacturers will likely be pushing TV’s controlled by hand gesture and/or voice control. Also don’t forget that Samsung and LG will also be promoting their latest large curved screen TV as well.

The Consumer Electronics Show is not only a forum to present new products themselves but it is also the occasion to present information about how electronics are doing in the market and how they are expected to perform in the future. The CES show’s agenda features a wide variety of presentations from those in the medical profession to the music industry. From the titles of the conferences or presentations The State of Digital Music or Will Mobility and Connectivity Remain Driving Forces in 2014? for instance, it is clear that these technological companies are not only vying for the pleasure of releasing an irresistible product on the market, but they are also ensuring that the market stays within the reach of their product.

One example of this would be the car market fusing with the smart phone market. The car manufacturers are obviously very interested in providing a safe conduit including the use of smartphones. This would definitely be of interest and use to those in the MommyTech corner driving the family vehicles. However, every interest seems to be covered at the 2014 International CES preview.

By Persephone Abbott

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