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Apple will now fix cracked iPhone 5 screens in stores around the country. However, this new move will only be for iPhone 5C owners and not for the iPhone 5S. The ability will also not be available for iPhone 4 or 4S users.

The ability to have iPhone 5 screens fixed within an Apple store came around June 2013. Users rejoiced at the idea of not having to send their phone off for fixing, which costs in the hundreds of dollars. Owners save around $100 by having the screen fixed in store.

The iPhone 5C is now being added to the list of phones available for this quicker and cheaper fix. The rumors of the ability started last week, but the confirmation came yesterday. However, those who own the more popular and more expensive iPhone 5S will have to wait for this ability to come along. Those who have the older models also still have to send their phones off for a screen replacement.

The iPhone 5C was Appleā€™s cheaper model released in September 2013. It comes in a variety of colors and was aimed at those who could not afford one of the premium phones. Features on the phone are slightly downsized compared to the flagship 5S, such as the A6 chip instead of the A7 chip, but is still very similar to the original iPhone 5.

The move to offer the in-store replacements is a move due to so many third-party companies offering replacements and cheaper fixes, according to CNN. It costs too much for many people to send off their phones, and the users are left without their device for weeks. When Apple fixes the iPhone 5 screens in-store, users will get their phones back on the same day. Fixing screens through third parties voids warranties, but this is worth the risk for many customers looking to save money.

To get the phone fixed in-store, users need to book an appointment at the Genius Bar. This is done online and at the nearest store. There are some stores that will be able to do the fix for those who just turn up on the same day, but it will depend on other appointments and needs at the time.

Problems will occur if more than the screen is broken. For example, the speakers can break when the phone is dropped or there may be an issue with the internal components. The staff at the store will not have the capabilities or knowledge to fix these problems and will need to send the device off. This will cost around $229, which is the same as the cost to send other iPhone devices off for screen fixing.

It has taken some time to get to this stage, and there is still more to be done for other devices. Apple has had to source the replacement screens and make sure there are enough for all the different branches, along with the right machines for a full replacement. However, the work for in-store replacements has been worth it to reduce the cost of replacements and to cut the time for fixing broken Apple iPhone 5 screens to around one hour in most cases.

By Alexandria Ingham



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