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Apple’s iPhone 5 has been out for a while and that leaves plenty of time for third-party manufacturers to design and market their latest custom iPhone 5 accessories. The Guardian Liberty Voice has compiled a list of some of the top accessories found.

One of the newest accessories to hit the market is Zoom’s iQ5 professional-quality microphone. The add-on microphone allows an iPhone user as well as iPad and iPod users to record high-quality sound through most of the device’s apps, including Apple’s Camera and the music recording app GarageBand. The mid-size microphone can capture the sound in either 90 or 120-degree patterns and can be recharged through a miniUSB connection. To match the iPhone 5 colors, the iQ5 is available in white or black for $100.

Other top must-have accessories for the iPhone 5 are Bluetooth speakers. There are plenty of choices in manufacturers, styles, and configurations that will surely appeal to a variety of personal taste. As one set will differ from the next, they all still offer the convenience of a wireless speaker system for all the music stored in a user’s Apple device. Some of the differences in Bluetooth speakers vary from the plastic funnel look of JBL’s Spark to Bang & Olufsen’s BeoPlay A9, which looks like a big flat Frisbee on a painter’s easel. Just as the design differs greatly between manufacturers and models, so do their prices.

The next top accessories for the iPhone 5 are the variety of wireless gaming controllers. SteelSeries Stratus is one of the first Apple approved wireless game controllers that work with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices that are running Apple’s iOS 7. The controller is small but still has a fully complimented number of buttons. Small does come with a big price however, as the SteelSeries Stratus retails for $100.

iPhone 5 owners love to use their device’s camera and are often referred to as iPhonographers. The IZZI Orbit Pro iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S case harbors a variety of lenses that can be used in conjunction with the iPhone’s built in lens to enhance any photographer’s images. The case is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and offers three different tripod mounts. The iPhone slips into a rubber case before it fits inside the outer aluminum shell. A total of four lenses are attached to the case and allow rotation to other lens selections. The four lenses include: a telephoto, fisheye, macro, and wide angle lens. The case retails for $230 and comes in black, silver or red.

The next accessory for the iPhone has had their marketing launch stopped dead by former smartphone mogul BlackBerry. The TYPO keyboard is part of an iPhone case and offers a convenient real key keyboard as an alternative to the using the touchscreen of the iPhone itself. This will enable the user to reclaim around 40 percent of the screen space that would normally be taken up by the virtual touchscreen keyboard. There is no word when or if TYPO will make it to market.

A necessity for any self-employed person is the Square credit card reader. By simply plugging in the little one inch square device to an iPhone turns the iPhone into an instant point-of-sale credit card swiper/reader. Square isn’t new to the iPhone 5 but the case that holds the Square credit card reading device is new. Merchant Case for the iPhone 5 and 5S has a slot in the back of the iPhone case where a user can store the Square accessory. The case retails for only $20.

Another handy accessory is the Esorun wireless charging case for the iPhone 5. The case is the thinnest case of its type that allows charging the iPhone without any use of power cables.

While still on the subject of cases, the last top accessory for the iPhone 5 is the NUEVUE pouch case for the iPhone 5 that cleans the phone when the phone is slid into the case. The case works to clean the phone using antimicrobial-protected microfibers that keep dust, dirt and fingerprints off of the phone.

As more and more time passes more top accessories will be created for the iPhone 5 and the next generation of Apple smartphones. The innovation of these iPhone add-ons are almost as interesting as the iPhone 5 itself.

By Brent Matsalla

Sun Herald
Tab Times
Apple Insider
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Telegraph UK

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