iPhone 6 Might Be the Last Smartphone Steve Jobs Worked on

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iPhone 6 may be a mystery to the public as far as design, release day and price are concerned, but it could also be the last smartphone Steve Jobs designed. According to an unintentional information leakage from one of Apple’s most secretive people, it has been speculated that the newest iPhone is Jobs’ final project. Although the Apple genius passed away three years ago, in the world of technology phone manufacturers begin a project at least two years before its official release.

Michael Foulkes, Apple’s former head of government liaison was a man “who’s been trained in the art of doing a lot of talking and saying nothing,” San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon said. According to Gascon, the reason of his meeting with Foulkes was to talk about phone thefts in the region. Instead, Foulkes reportedly told the District Attorney that two unreleased iPhone models preceded Tim Cook. Since Jobs died of a rare pancreatic disease shortly after iPhone 4S was officially released and Apple’s former head of government liaison talked about the next two models, there is a possibility that iPhone 6 could be Steve Jobs’ last creation.

There may be two generations between iPhone 4S and the upcoming iPhone 6, but inside sources stated that the “S” generation was not Jobs’ concern. His former employees who said that iPhone 5 has Job’s unique design written all over it also mention that Apple’s former CEO was not as involved in 4S as he was in the next two projects. A story in which Tim Cook interrupted a meeting with CEO of Softbank Capital Masayoshi Son to take a call from his boss dates back to iPhone 4S’s release day. According to Son, Jobs wanted to talk to Cook about Apple’s next product.

Two iPhone models after Steve Jobs’ death are still his creation

October 4 was the day iPhone 4S went down in history because of the four million units sold in its first week; the next day Jobs passed away, but not without leaving the company with the next two projects that would revolutionize the mobile world. Apple’s former CEO’s biography clearly states that Jobs was testing out Siri long before the voice-control function was introduced in an iPhone. However, Horace Dediu, the founder of Asymco also known for his job as an industry analyst and former Nokia employee stated that in the world of technology, planning a project two years ahead is normal.

“Having worked in a phone company, I think it’s a given [that the phones were planned ahead]”, Dediu said. “Work under way now is for products shipping in 2016”, he added.

Given the fact that inside sources stated Jobs was not interested in the phones’ “S: versions and that he always preferred to offer his public premium products, so iPhone 5C was most certainly Cook’s project, this might mean that iPhone 6 could be the last smartphone Steve Jobs worked on. Although an Apple spokesperson refused to comment “on rumors and speculation,” both former employees and excerpts from Jobs’ biography show that Apple’s founder was intensively working on the company’s next two iPhones prior to his death.

iPhone 6, Apple’s soon-to-be-released smartphone is said to distance itself even more than iPhone 5 and 5S as far as design is concerned, but what could make it priceless is Steve Jobs’ touch. Whether Jobs’ genius put its imprint on iPhone 6 or not could never be disclosed, but judging from its rumored specifications and design, this might be the smartphone Apple’s founder worked on until the last day of his life. As time passes and iPhone changes its appearance, Steve Jobs’ words when asked about the first iPhone’s lack of physical keyboard become timeless: “They’ll get used to it.”


By Gabriela Motroc


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