Madonna Calls Son Racial Slur on Instagram: Removes Content

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Madonna caused a major uproar recently when she called her son, Rocco, a racial slur and used the n-word on Instagram. Although she has not exactly apologized for the remark, she did remove the content from her account.

“No one messes with Dirty soap!” Madonna captioned a picture of 13-year-old Rocco Ritchie, as he was working out and training as a boxer. However, the caption went on to read, “Mama said knock you out! #dis[expletive].”

The 55-year-old singer deleted the post very quickly after it was released, as though her publicists were already patrolling social media sites to make sure she did not do anything stupid. Unfortunately for Madonna, and her publicists, the damage had already been done.

The post caused a lot of agitation on Instagram and Twitter; many fans were unhappy with Madonna’s decision to refer to her son by a racial slur. Many fans also commented on how, even though she is a celebrity, her micromanaged lifestyle should not exempt her from being punished for using such offensive language. Some even demanded an apology from Madonna.

Although Madonna did take the content down, a clear sign that she admits something was not right with her post, she certainly did not apologize. As a matter of fact, she went on the offensive.

“Ok let me start this again,” the pop star wrote, as a caption to the same picture of her son. “#get off my [expletive] haters,” she also instructed those who were, apparently, hating on her captions.

Many fans are left confused by Madonna’s choice of words, especially considering the singer has adopted two Malawian children; their names are Mercy James and David Banda and many fans think that this makes her actions even more deplorable.

In other Madonna news, she is still on crutches after injuring her leg, while dancing. If believing that story is tough for Madonna followers it is probably because of the singer’s recent inappropriate behavior, which has only led up to this most recent abuse of free speech.

Around New Year’s Eve, Madonna also posted a picture of her son and two of his friends – who were both underage – with liquor bottles. Fans were quick to cast blame Madonna’s way, saying she was acting as a careless mother. She had captioned the picture, “The party has just begun! Bring it! 2014.”

Madonna did release a statement after the incident, but, as with everything she does recently, it is becoming harder and harder to believe. Talking about the photo, she said, “No one was drinking we were just having fun! Calm down and get a sense of humor! Don’t start the year off with judgment!”

Apparently Madonna followers have neither developed a sense of humor over her antics nor stopped passing judgment her way. Ultimately, after posting a picture of her son boxing, and after calling him a racial slur, she caused an uproar from her fans that forced her to remove the content.

By Nick Manai


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