J.J. Abrams Talks ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Lost’ and More

J.J. AbramsThe Star Wars VII script is finished and J.J. Abrams talked about this, Lost and many more possibilities for the future. Most of this was from an exclusive interview with E! Online and sheds light into Abrams’ plans and preferences for the future.

Before Lost, Abrams was virtually unheard of by the masses. It was the critically acclaimed drama about a group of passengers trapped on a desert island that let him get out there and show everything he was capable of. When asked about whether there was a chance the TV show, which ended after its sixth season, could ever become a movie, the director made it clear it was not in the plans. He questioned how the work of executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof could ever be made more cinematic than it already was.

However, there may be plans for other TV shows that he has had a part in. He agreed that Felicity could come back as a movie, but it would mean removing The Americans off the air. While he was joking about this during the E! Online interview, he makes it clear that there are some possibilities, to which the interviewer even agreed.

While talking about Lost and Star Wars, Abrams went into more detail about his new TV show, Believe. While the show has a Touched by an Angel spiritual side, it definitely has a different tale to tell. The show is about a young girl, Bo, who is possessed with supernatural powers. While people try to hunt her, a man who breaks out of prison tries to save her. It starts on March 16 on NBC.

As for Star Wars, there are plenty of rumors about who will be cast as the characters. The only confirmation the director could make is that Jesse Plemons will be in the movie; he is best known for his roles in Friday Night Lights and Breaking Bad. However, there is no current confirmation about which role Plemons will take.

Abrams has been very tight-lipped over his plans for the seventh Star Wars movie. The only thing that he has confirmed about filming is that it will be done without IMAX. Despite saying that this was his favorite camera during Star Trek: Into the Darkness in 2011, he now says that it is slow and unreliable. It makes it hard for the intimate scenes and there is only so much that can be filmed at once.

This is a step back in the film industry, as other studios are moving into the digital era. Paramount Studios explained that Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues will be the last movie filmed by them on film.

The predicted date of release for the new Star Wars movie is Dec. 18, 2015. Actors still need to be cast for the roles and it is only just entering the pre-production process. There is so much more for Abrams to focus on, other than Star Wars, although a Lost movie appears out of the question.

By Alexandria Ingham


E! Online

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