Johnny Depp Heard Call for ‘Amber Forever’ Tattoo Next?

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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have been dating since 2011 after the pair bonded on the sets of The Rum Diary. Rumor mills are now working overtime suggesting that the couple got engaged over Christmas with some Twitter comments vigorously calling out for an “Amber Forever” tattoo next for Depp.

The calls for a new tattoo has been coming in ever since Depp flaunted his reported 30 visible tattoos to a loud cheer from his fan following. The tattoos were inked in important junctures of his life and each of them signify a person or an event from his life.

The most significant and yet infamous would be the “Wino Forever” tattoo. Originally “Winona Forever,” Depp had to go for a creative alteration to the tattoo inked on his right biceps after his breakup from Winona Ryder in the 1993.

Other tattoos that are known includes

  • Native American Head on his right biceps was his very first one
  • “Betty Sue,” his mother’s name inked inside a heart on his left upper arm
  • “3” inscribed on his left hand shows his affinity towards the mystical number three and this affinity is visible in his other tattoos of an inverted “Tri-angle” and  another permanent phone doodles with three rectangles.
  • “Lily-Rose” is inked close to his heart signifying his love for his daughter Lily.
  • Three Hearts is another trinity tattoo which signified his family including his former partner Venessa Paradis and their daughter Rose. The connected hearts are an indication to his connection with his daughter.Depp
  • Tattoos with three small dots, the flying bird and a Gonzo fist appeared during the filming of The Pirates Of The Caribbean movie series.
  • The Harley Davidson Skeleton key appeared in 2012 and depicts his childhood fantasy of the key being the mystical opener to any doors.

Fans are now rooting for her his next tattoo and if Depp has heard their fervent calls then he could end up inking an “Amber Forever” tattoo next on himself. He could also play smart by thinking imaginatively about adding Amber to his tattoo list just in case the relationship goes kaput and he has to go for another alteration.

Depp has been dating Heard for quite a while and rumors of their engagement have been doing the rounds for quite a while. However, it is the latest news which has caught everyone’s imagination and has been trending like wildfire.

The rumors were fueled when Heard was caught with a rock on her left ring finger. Sources have indicated a romantic Christmas proposal by Depp and the couple is planning a wedding soon to seal their love forever.

Depp was previously married to Lori Allison in between 1983 and 1985. After this he went on to date or engaged or both with Jennifer Grey, Sherilyn Fenn, Kate Moss along with rumored relationships with numerous actresses and models.

The 27-year-old actress and model, Amber Heard, is Depp’s current flame and possible subject for his next tattoo if he succumbs to the calls from his fans. Whether or not he finds Heard worthy enough to spend his life with her and get her inked on him forever remains to be seen.

By Daris Abraham

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5 Responses to "Johnny Depp Heard Call for ‘Amber Forever’ Tattoo Next?"

  1. Willa   April 2, 2014 at 10:28 am

    I think I just threw up in my mouth. This is like a horrible P.R. stunt. What happened to our cool Johnny Depp? He went from cool to cliche` with this whole Amber business. I am stunned he is actually going to marry this no talent-home wrecker. Who would have thought that Depp would turn into such a joke? Does he REALLY believe this young girl actually loves him? Can he not see what we all can… she is in this entirely for the fame and the money. There are only 2 reasons in this world that a young girl marries a man twice her age and one is fame and the other is money. What an idiot!

  2. John Craft   January 20, 2014 at 11:31 am

    Thank you! Also check out this cool tattoo designs

  3. Anonymous   January 19, 2014 at 1:24 pm

    Sorry but I’m just not in2 this relationship.
    She has left him, said no once , but of course
    Since ther r no other opps @ the moment- maybe
    I need 2 say yes since this is the closest I hav 2 a
    career right now – better say yes so that I @ least
    get some spotlight off of this engagement 🙁
    W/ a ring that instead of placing it in my purse
    I am going 2 put on a show & cover it w/ my hand
    & let som1 open a car door 4- me while I act out
    4 the camera- sorry but 4 me she is a little 2-faced…….

  4. Janine   January 19, 2014 at 11:04 am

    Did he get them in prison? Did he pay actual money for these? Or let a heroin dealer with dream of becoming a tattoo artist this on him for free heroin? Maybe this is his form of penance putting River Phoenix out on the sidewalk outside of his night club to die. Either way, horrible! Lily looks like fity. He should lay off the booze to use his brain sometimes. Only regular people who don’t have the money to remove a regrettable tattoo skimp like this. Hey Johnny, Prove you love this one by not getting a tattoo to “represent” & jinx her.

  5. Cele   January 19, 2014 at 7:32 am

    His “Jack” tattoo with the flying bird, it’s for his son Jack and not for the movie…even if it’s Jack Sparrow’s symbol he did permanent for his son.
    And by the way, it seems that he already has a tattoo for Amber. But he is more smart now, and did it with her – rumored- private nickname ;D . But the tattoo has her handwriting, it’s on his right arm since 2013 and reads a suggestive phrase “Come with me…” signed by “Slim”
    His fans knows those things 😉


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