Justin Bieber a Stripper’s Best Friend

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Strippers everywhere will want Justin Bieber to show up at their place of work, because according to recent reports, Bieber has become a stripper’s best friend after shelling out $75,000 at a Miami strip club during Lil Scrappy’s 30th birthday bash. While Justin may think it was money well spent others see this move as another tragedy is the never-ending bad tabloids that Justin seems to be creating, one right after the other. But, hey, it is his money so maybe he should be able to spend it like he wants it.

Spending $75,000 at a strip club is no crime but flaunting money among strippers will definitely get someone noticed, especially when you flaunt much of that money in ones. According to reports, Bieber and others in his entourage, including girls he had just met at a Miami nightclub earlier that day, arrived at Miami’s King of Diamonds Gentleman’s Club early Tuesday morning. Of course, Justin required protection as the three girls who followed him to King of Diamonds had their cell phones taken away by security before going with Justin. Other customers who were supposedly at the strip club said that Justin and his crew had a blast at the club, though, the stripper’s probably had a bigger blast earning $75,000 of the infamous Bieber’s money. Thus earning him some new best friends.

According to news reports, the group was only at the strip club for shortly over an hour, making Justin’s contribution seem even more generous. After all, how much entertainment can one get in just an hour? But Bieber seemed to enjoy his night out with friends and hopefully his presence made Lil Scrappy’s 30th birthday bash even more exciting.

While every 19-year-old boy is entitled to have a good time at the location of his choice, whether it be a strip club or not, this outing of Bieber’s is just another event that does not surprise many. Bieber’s recent home invasion stirred many rumors about his alleged drug use. But these rumors have never seemed to bother the young singer. In fact, just before his night club drop in and his trip to the strip bar, Bieber took a “vaca” to Aspen for some quality time and skiing. Over the last week Bieber has posted many photos with tags like “I’m not worried,” as well as posts of himself shirtless at the strip club.

As Bieber continues to make headlines in an eccentric way, fans may continue to see wild behavior as the singer chalks it up to simply being 19 and wanting to enjoy his life and his money. While rumors have spread over the news that friends, family and his manager are urging Justin to seek help and calm his lifestyle, headlines continue to arise in the mean time. His mom Pattie Mallette has even made public statements about being worried about her son’s wild behavior and negative influences. With as much attention as Bieber is catching perhaps he is spending a little too much time hitting the headlines. Maybe, it is time for Bieber to slow it down and get back to doing what he is best at – creating more music.

In response to many of the headlines, Bieber not only exclaims that he is just being a 19-year-old boy but he also tells the media that he is trying to enjoy his break from tours and music. It seems, however, that Bieber is apparently not fully on break from the media as mayhem continues to create a reputation that is less than desirable for everyone involved with the singer. While fans hope Bieber will get back to his music soon, he is off making best friends with strippers. What a trade!

By Crystal Boulware

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