Justin Bieber and Prescription Drugs

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber’s recent alleged use of Actavis is raising eyebrows and questions; prescription drugs would not be a first choice of many as a way to get high. There are those who remember the days of when the drug dealers actually did the concocting and had it delivered to the customers. Justin Bieber, however, has been reported by sources to get his high-end high from a pharmacy, mix it in with a soda, and a Jolly Rancher candy. Only a kid making more money in a month than most adults will ever make in their entire lifetime would have the time to play with a Jolly Rancher candy to see just how high one can get.

But those sources reporting Lt. David Thompson of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has trumped Actavis in Bieber’s home who, according to the New York Daily News, has stated Bieber’s home was clean, orderly, and no drugs or marijuana were found. Justin Bieber was never brought up on drug possession. Just when the public started to feel sorry for this young man being falsely accused and harassed by the media, he was arrested within the same week and actually taken to jail. Miami Beach Police Chief Raymond Martinez reported to the Miami Herald that Bieber had been smoking marijuana and under the influence of a prescription drug while drag racing his rented Lamborghini with another minor. Many are looking at Bieber’s behavior and believe there needs to be an intervention before he hurts himself or someone else. But a filthy, rich millionaire has a paid machine around him or her to clean up the bad behavior without consequences. Bieber’s attorney(s) could always argue he was suffering from an upper respiratory infection from a cold and was prescribed Actavis by a physician to stop coughing. Afterall, Justin Bieber has probably been under a lot of stress from the police raid and previous run-ins with LAPD and the press. Recently he was accused of egging his neighbor’s house destroying property. He has been seen leaving a brothel and running with a suspect crowd of young men.

No one knows if the company Bieber is keeping in his home introduced him to experimenting with “lean” causing his suspect behavior. Lean is the new high-end, designer version of sizzurp. Sizzurp was so good, hip-hop songs were written about it. It wasn’t too long ago that NY Daily News reported hip-hop mogul Lil’ Wayne overdosed on sizzurp. Lil’ Wayne was rushed to the hospital suffering multiple seizure attacks slipping into a coma. Sizzurp is known to cause slowed heartbeat, shallow breathing, hallucinations, and mood swings. Sizzurp is a concoction made up of codeine cough syrup and kool-aid. This is a very easy drug for a broke college student to mix in his or her dorm room for no money. But now Bieber has, allegedly, taken sizzurp to a new level with the drug Actavis that contains promethazine hydrochloride and codeine phosphate syrup. And as with sneakers, clothes, and handbags, youngsters today always want the latest high-end product that they see celebrities sporting on television. A rep from Actavis is making it clear to TMZ, “The company does not condone its use for any indications outside of [relieving cold and allergy symptoms].” Little did the makers of Actavis know that their product would possibly fall into the wrong hands later to be renamed “lean.”

When the public looks at Justin Bieber, they no longer see the American Dream in a young man who made it. They now see a young man they need to pray for. He may soon be grouped in with Lindsay Lohan who most cannot remember her body of work anymore because it’s overshadowed by her wrap-sheet. It’s tragic. Tragic to be young and blessed with great talent, love and respect from the masses, and favored with bank accounts so huge they could help feed an entire country, but find themselves in handcuffs, orange jumpsuits, and surrounded by vultures. Fans who look up to Justin Bieber only hope that whatever prescription drug had him under the influence and endangering lives was really…for a cold or depression.

By Meleika Gardner


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