Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Back Together?

Young pop sensations Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were spotted together on Thursday, Jan. 2 prompting rumors that the former lovebirds may be rekindling their romance.

The 19-year-old Bieber and 21-year-old Gomez reportedly kicked off the New Year together by taking their segways for a spin around Bieber’s Calabasas, California neighborhood, The Oaks. The couple was accompanied by a third segway rider, an unidentified male pal. Not surprisingly, the crew was noticed.

A fan by the name of Nick Santisky used Twitter to recount his encounter with the two superstars and post a few photos. He reported that Gomez was nice but that Bieber was anything but, taking the opportunity to yell and curse at them. He went on to complain that Bieber was holding up traffic in The Oaks and that Bieber had his bodyguards block the road where he and Gomez were taking their segway cruise.

An unnamed source reportedly claims that this is not the first time that the couple has been “hanging out” at Bieber’s lavish home in recent days. The source is quoted as having said that Bieber invited Gomez to spend time with him shortly after he became aware that she had canceled her upcoming tour dates and made the statement that she was planning to “spend time on myself.” A source has also reported that Bieber has been offering support to Gomez as she copes with health issues.

Neither Bieber’s or Gomez’s reps have officially commented on whether the couple is back together.

The timing of this segway riding reunion is raising eyebrows as well. Just a few weeks ago, Bieber said of Gomez “I love her to this day” during an interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood on the Los Angeles based hip-hop station Power 106. At the time he also claimed that being part of such a public relationship and break-up was very difficult for both he and Gomez. Bieber said in the interview that despite the fact that the two weren’t communicating at the time, he expected that they would “be the greatest of friends” at some point. Now fans and followers are wondering…is this friendship or a fresh shot at a new relationship?

Gomez canceled tour dates in the days following Bieber’s Power 106 interview as well. She claimed to be doing so in order to spend some time working on herself, but rumors have been circulating that the pop princess did so because she is suffering from Lupus that has caused her to be extraordinarly exhausted.  Now the world is wondering if perhaps Bieber was also a factor. Bieber famously claimed that he would be retiring during his Power 106 interview as well, and appeared to confirm that decision via Twitter in the following days. Could it be that the two have just now found time to re-examine their affection for each other?

The young couple first got together in December, 2010 and made their relationship official to the public in February, 2011. After almost two years of over-the-top adventures together, the two split in November, 2012. It remains to be seen whether they are really ready to get back together and give their celebrity romance another try.

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