Justin Bieber Arrested Finally

Justin Bieber Arrested Finally

People who have been trapped under a rock for the last 24 hours, or stuck in a hell-hole where the Internet does not work may not know that Justin Bieber has been arrested finally. After skirting right up to the edge of misbehaving enough to earn himself a police record, the 19 year-old pop sensation has, at last, got his very own rap sheet.

It is all too easy to point a judgemental finger at Bieber amid claims that he falls under the category of would-be “bad boy” or wannabe gangster. It is, perhaps, more difficult to see past the antics; the unacceptable behavior; the drug use and the singer’s preoccupation with vandalism and sex and remember that the Canadian pop star is a teenager.

Remembering that Bieber is still only 19 does not excuse his lifestyle nor does it really explain it. Only when taking into consideration the additional facts of Justin having too much money and lacking a mature role model does his current path make sense. There is also the issue of having too many people who are too ready to agree with anything that the performer wants to do.

Justin’s behavior has been spirally out of control over the last year. Increased tensions between Bieber and his Calabasas neighbors, which started with his zooming through the gated community at breakneck speeds, culminated with an alleged attack against another neighbor’s house with eggs that caused around $20,000 worth of damage and brought the police out to Bieber’s house with a felony search warrant.

Just prior to Justin Bieber being arrested, finally, for drag racing down a Miami street; driving under the influence and resisting arrest; it was reported that the teenage singer dropped over $75,000 at a strip club. While this information was considered newsworthy it was, in itself, not surprising. This was the young man who made the most of being in a country where prostitution was legal. While Bieber was in Brazil he was seen exiting a well known brothel and before that he took a sex worker, who was also a local porn star, back to his hotel room for the night.

On top of all this sexual activity, Bieber was leaving his mark at each place he and his entourage were staying. Tagging walls with, and without, permission; he spraypainted his way across his world tour venues. All of these incidents have added up to a pretty unflattering picture of the teen performer, but, they also point out very obviously that Justin is, underneath all the money and privilege, just a normal teenage male.

There have been rumors that the youngster has been using, not only weed, but lean – also known as Purple Drank and sizzurp et al – and these rumors seem to be implying that he enjoys these substances a little too much. Of course it is almost a fait accompli that drugs and their abuse are part and parcel of the music and entertainment industry. Thus far Bieber has managed to not let his alleged substance misuse to rule his life, although, continued abuse could lead to health problems later on.

Now that Justin Bieber has been arrested, finally, for his latest actions he must deal with the issues at hand. Being charged with resisting arrest; driving under the influence; and driving with an expired license, is not the end of the world for Bieber, but, it has changed his image. His fans have at last gotten a look at the real person behind the act. This incident could lose the singer some of his fans, but, it could go a long way towards the teenager finally growing up, which is certainly overdue.

By Michael Smith


Los Angeles Times


Guardian Liberty Voice

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