Justin Bieber Beats Miley Cyrus

Justin Bieber Beats Miley Cyrus

Justin Bieber Beats Miley Cyrus

With 2014 not even a month old, Justin Bieber beats Miley Cyrus to the punch by grabbing some pretty substantial press coverage in the new year. While Miley Cyrus could be said to have ruled headlines in 2013, Bieber has jumped to the front of the publicity train by getting arrested for DUI, resisting arrest and driving with an expired license.

Back when Miley was just 20 years-old, still a year older than Justin, she created a maelstrom of publicity with her music and her live performance on MTV. While wearing a skin colored latex outfit, she twerked her way across the stage and masturbated with a giant foam finger. She finished off her act by twerking her rear into Robin Thicke’s family jewels.

Cyrus then appeared in her next music video, Wrecking Ball naked save for a pair of Doc Martins and a giant wrecking ball. This jaw dropping, and record breaking video was followed up with Adore You where she showed her nipples and masturbated on camera.

In interviews across the globe, Miley explained that she was stomping her old Hannah Montana image into the dust and moving on. While sexuallizing herself to the maximum extent possible she attacked anyone who tried to tell the ex Disney television star that she was damaging her career. While all this sexy image changing was grabbing the most headlines in 2013, Justin Bieber was coming in a close second with his offstage antics. He has beat Miley Cyrus at the start of 2014 with his headline catching misbehavior in Miami, Florida.

The 19 year-old Canadian pop star has been on a steady downward spiral which began last year. Stories of his security team assaulting paparazzi, and members of the public, at his instigation were commonplace throughout 2013. Towards the end of the year, at about the same time that Cyrus was raising eyebrows with her sexual antics onstage, Bieber continued to behave badly in his private life.

Tales of graffiti; speeding down the residential streets of his Calabasas neighborhood; partying all night and disturbing other residents on the gated community; all went towards his new “bad boy” image. Then while on tour in Brazil, he and his entourage were spotted coming out of a popular brothel. Earlier in the same week, Bieber had taken a sex worker, who doubled as a Brazilian porn star, back to his hotel room.

Throughout the year, Bieber continued to indulge in underage drinking and causing disturbances at nightclubs that, legally, he was too young to be in. Now, in 2014, more details have emerged of his reported attack on a neighbor’s house by throwing eggs at the property and causing around $20,000 worth of damage.

This damage resulted in a felony search warrant being signed that allowed police to enter Bieber’s house to search for evidence. While nothing was found that pertained to the alleged house next door attack, drugs were found and, reportedly, marijuana and evidence of sizzurp, aka lean; a concoction of codeine based cough syrup and soft drinks. The drugs found, a bowl of what is said to be Molly, aka MDMA, were said to belong to Bieber’s housemate Lil Za.

Then on January 24, 2014 Bieber was stopped by police in Miami, Florida for allegedly drag racing and arrested for driving under the influence; resisting arrest and driving with an expired license. The singer was taken to jail and released after posting bail. With the new year just in its infancy, somewhat like Justin, Bieber beats Miley Cyrus to the punch in the publicity stakes.

By Michael Smith


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