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Justin Bieber Not Guilty…Not

Justin Bieber Not Guilty...Not
A lot of websites are leaping to Justin Bieber’s defense today, saying that he was not driving under the influence; but the truth will out and in reality the news that Justin Bieber is allegedly not guilty…is not true at all. When all of the reported facts are added together it certainly appears that the teen heartthrob falls squarely into guilty territory. Do not be deceived by the lack of facts used to come to this conclusion. Sites that are jumping on the Bieber is innocent bandwagon are omitting all the facts as reported just one day prior to the singer being released from jail.

It now seems that many of the celeb news sites who were quick to castigate Bieber when news of his DUI arrest came to light yesterday are now saying that he was “set up” by the local police and that in reality his blood alcohol level was way too low to count as a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) charge. The 19 year-old underage singer was measured, according to some websites, at .014 blood alcohol content.

On one website that lists what is legal and is not, while driving down the streets of Miami, the legal limits are listed in two separate categories. For those old enough to drink legally the limit is .08 and for those not old enough to drink legally the limit is .02. Looking at these limits, it certainly appears that Bieber was under the limit.

All this sounds very nice on its own, but, there are two other items to take into account. Firstly; Bieber himself admitted to being on a prescription drug – Xanax, that his mommy gave him, which is enough to convict a driver of DUI all by itself, and having partaken in some recreational marijuana earlier. Secondly; the alcohol levels being publicised are from his breath test and not, the more accurate, blood test administered at the station.

So regardless of just how “low” his levels appear to be, he was still driving under the influence which is an arrestable and punishable offense. One thing that the websites are leaving out of their stance that Justin Bieber is not guilty; which is apparently not true at all; is that the Canadian pop star failed his field sobriety test.

Another website has also declared that Bieber was not drag racing at all. This could have some validity as a video released earlier today shows the singer’s Lamborghini Spyder and Khalil’s Ferrari 16M moving at what can best be described as leisurely. True, both cars are side-by-side when spotted by the CCTV cameras, but, they are clearly not hitting the type of speeds described by the arresting officers.

Of course looks can be deceiving, the CCTV coverage of the two vehicles looks to be after the police had spotted their “race” and they were obviously slowing down. It may well be that Bieber can beat the drag racing rap, but, he still faces the DUI charges and driving with an expired license. There is, however, the resisting arrest charge to be dealt with, but again, this could be down to the cocktail of drugs and booze that the underage performer had ingested prior to his being stopped.

It is not too surprising to see some websites trying to appease all those Belieber’s out there by standing up for Justin Bieber and saying that the young tearaway is not guilty, which clearly, is not the case at all. If all the facts that have been reported by various news agencies are correct, he was driving under the influence of quite a number of judgement impairing substances. So the DUI charge will most likely stick, along with the expired license and resisting arrest. It now seems that Bieber will finally have to “pay the piper” for his inappropriate behaviour after being let off for so long.

By Michael Smith




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