Justin Bieber Deportation Petition Reaches White House

Justin BieberThe deportation petition against Justin Bieber has reached the White House after getting 100,000 signatures. The call comes after the “destructive” behavior the Canadian singer has recently shown.

Petitions on the WhiteHouse.gov website that reach 100,000 signatures are automatically sent to a member of the Oval Office for consideration. It will now be up to a member of the White House whether the Canadian will be sent back to his country or not.

The petition was set up on Jan. 23, 2013, shortly after “The Biebs” was arrested for DUI and drag racing. It clearly stated that the people of the United States felt they were being misrepresented and wanted the “destructive” and “drug abusing” singer deported. The people who signed it also wanted to see his Green Card revoked. By yesterday afternoon, it had gained over 105,000 signatures. It now has almost 200,000 signatures.

The argument put forward for his deportation is simple: Bieber is a bad influence on the youth of America, as well as being a danger to the public.

In the early hours of Jan. 23, the 19-year-old singer was arrested by Miami officials. They state he admitted to being under the influence of drugs and alcohol, which was confirmed by urine tests. He was also found driving without a valid license. Bieber was then formally charged, but later released on bail. While all that was happening, the deportation petition against Bieber was being created and people slowly started signing it, in an attempt to make it reach the White House. After all the bad press lately, the arrest represented the last straw for some people within the United States.

There has been a counter petition – presumably, by fans of the star – known as his “Beliebers.” They stated that asking for the deportation is unfair and that he does not deserve that type of action. The fans go on to say how their star has saved lives. It was started on Sunday, but only has around 3,000 signatures at the moment.

The Miami incident was not the first for the singer. He has been implicated in reckless driving in his neighborhood and causing $20,000 of damage to his neighbor’s house. Yesterday he faced his second arrest for assaulting a limo driver in Toronto, Canada. He turned himself in, after remaining silent about the incident for the past month.

While he surrounds himself with people supporting and encouraging his behavior, there are many friends and family members worried about him. One of those was the man who spotted him – Usher. The R&B singer travelled to Panama on Jan. 25 to talk to the 19-year-old and help set his life back on the right track. Whether rehab is required for Bieber’s alleged drug addiction, or not, remains to be seen, but that is something the singer has previously turned down.

The “anti-Biebs” campaigners rejoiced on social media when the petition hit the required number of signatures. The Oval Office is still to respond to the petition for Bieber’s deportation, but it is expected over the next few days.

By Alexandria Ingham


Daily News

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