Justin Bieber Egging Warrant Caused Arrest


Tuesday morning a felony search warrant was served upon the home of 19-year-old singer Justin Bieber by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department in connection with an egging of a neighbor’s house that had occurred the previous week. Now it has been revealed that during the time of the search of Bieber’s Calabasas home an arrest was made, not in relation to the egging, but in relation to a felony drug charge.

Lil Za, a good friend of Bieber who was over at the time of the search, was arrested at the pop star’s home for cocaine possession. Police at the scene said that the cocaine was in plain view while they were conducting the raid, but that Bieber did not appear to be connected to it.

Lil Za, whose real name is Xavier Smith, has been staying with Bieber for months and was snapped by photographers leaving the property with two police officers, hands in cuffs. He was then put into a waiting police car and assumedly taken to the police station for booking and charges.

The search warrant stemmed from an incident the previous week, when a neighbor claimed that Bieber egged his house with at least 20 eggs. There was video footage given to the police by the neighbor, taken on a cell phone camera that did not reveal a decent visual of the thrower. However, the voice of the egger was caught on the video, and the neighbor claims that it is Bieber. While the initial report classified the crime as a misdemeanor, the neighbor said that the damage done to the decorative façade on his house was in excess of $20,000, which would mean that if Justin Bieber is arrested for the egging crime after this warrant, it would be considered cause for a felony. Bieber could then serve jail time for the offense.

The warrant that was executed Tuesday morning reportedly had 11 patrol cars pulling up to Bieber’s mansion for the search. Investigators stated that they were specifically searching for video surveillance that could prove who was in on the egging. One detective stated that they would not be looking for eggs, while another claimed that they would, or at least broken egg shells that might point to Bieber as the egger. It was reported by the police that Bieber seemed quite nervous during the raid and kept apologizing to them. He was kept in the garage and was very cooperative while the sheriffs searched the house. According to TMZ, officials dismantled and took the security system from the house with the belief that it might contain evidence regarding the night of the egging.

Police say that Bieber has not been cleared or charged in the egging, and Melissa Victor, who represents Bieber in public relations, has returned no requests for comments nor made a statement.

Justin Bieber may remain free, but the arrest of his live-in pal Lil Za under the cause of cocaine has no doubt caused the singer some concern. Fans can only hope that the singer will not be the next to see the backseat of a police car because of the warrant for last week’s egging.

By Marisa Corley

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