Americans Died and Barack Obama Lied

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What was already known has been confirmed, Americans died and Barack Obama lied. We are referring to the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack on the US consulate in Benghazi which killed four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stephens and which Barack Obama insisted was not a terrorist attack but rather a protest gone bad.

The House Armed Services Committee on Oversight and Investigation held hearings on the attack and some of the testimony was recently declassified. According to the testimony both former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey, were told immediately the incident was a terrorist attack. Both men were on their way to a scheduled meeting with the president at the time of the attack. Panetta has testified previously that he told the president that there was an attack and it was a terrorist incident. For two weeks the president lied about the incident, insisting the attack was a protest over some unknown video about Mohammed, and he even sent out former ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice to  all the Sunday talk shows to spread this propaganda. There has also been evidence the White House, or at least various intelligence services knew an attack on the consulate could be imminent. The testimony confirms that Barack Obama lied after Americans died.

Of course the left continues to spin the story insisting Obama called the attack an “act of terror” on the morning of the attack, neglecting the changing of the story the very next day, a charade which continued for two weeks. They are also trying to divert any discussion of what their next anointed one, former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, may have known about the attack. Of course Hilary has already made the statement which could be the death knell of her campaign before it even starts, “What difference does it make?”

We must not forget that this all happened during a heated reelection campaign, one in which Obama was close to losing. After claiming all throughout his campaign that there had been no terrorist acts since he had been president, how would it look to classify this as one? Of course this administration has had a history of changing the narratives on other terrorist attacks, blaming them on lone individuals with no terrorist ties even though the evidence shows otherwise. If only the republican nominee Mitt Romney had been more aggressive instead of wearing kid gloves in his campaign, we may not have to be talking about this now.

Putting politics in front of the truth, and the safety of US citizens certainly tells a lot about a person. Now that it has been confirmed that the president knew the attack on the consulate was a terrorist act immediately after it happened, what else will be confirmed? Will it be confirmed that it was know there would be an attack? Will it be conformed that Hilary Clinton knew there would be an attack and still allowed Americans to be put in harm’s way? Will it be confirmed the White House refused to send help even though there were military units ready to respond? Not if the mainstream media refuses to do its job.

Four Americans died and Barack Obama lied yet the mainstream media doesn’t seem to care very much about it. Instead they would rather focus on Chris Christie and two of his staffers who decided to do something stupid when they closed two lanes on the George Washington Bridge causing traffic jams. They may have lied but no one died.

Commentary by Paul Roy


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