Justin Bieber Mansion Searched by Police


Police descended upon the mansion of 19-year-old pop star Justin Bieber Tuesday in order to serve a warrant granted by the courts to allow a search by Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies for evidence in the egging of a nearby neighbor’s home on Prado De Grandioso.

The neighbor accused Bieber of egging his house with at least 20 eggs, saying that he personally saw Bieber do it from the balcony of his house. He also took some camera phone video of the assault, which is less than compelling visually. However, in the video the neighbor can be heard yelling that he can see Bieber, and another voice, which is allegedly Bieber, shouts back. The second voice yells, “F— you!” and says that he had another one for the neighbor, assumedly meaning another egg.

The neighbor’s 13-year-old daughter reportedly was on the balcony as well, and went inside to call the police. The police report taken at the scene initially reported the incident as a misdemeanor; however, the neighbor has claimed that the damage done to his house is in excess of $20,000. If this is true, the incident could then be classified as a felony. The damage was apparently done to a decorative façade on the house. If arrested under a felony crime, Bieber could serve time in jail.

At 8 a.m. Tuesday morning 11 patrol cars from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department arrived at Justin Bieber’s mansion in Calabasas, CA to serve the warrant. The police found Bieber in his garage and restrained him there while they searched the house. A spokesman for the department said that the detectives were specifically looking for any evidence of the egging, such as might have been seen by any video surveillance Bieber might have on his home. The spokesman also said that Bieber was cooperating with investigators. TMZ reported that Bieber’s security system was dismantled and taken for further investigation, with the belief that it may have captured the egging. Investigators will be reviewing the footage, and a press conference has been called for 11:30 Tuesday morning which will hopefully inform the public as to any further information the serving of this warrant has given to police.

There have been no comments from Melissa Victor, Bieber’s representative, on either the egging or the serving of the search warrant.

This isn’t the first time Bieber has caused problems for his neighborhood. Though it is a double-gated and upscale Calabasas neighborhood, neighbors have complained about numerous loud parties thrown at the Bieber residence as well as a specific incident where Bieber allegedly drove his fast Ferrari through the residential neighborhood. Witnesses of the incident said the car was going at freeway speeds in a location where there are children around who could easily be hit by a car traveling at unsafe speeds.

The egging is yet another drama that has pitted neighbor against neighbor in Bieber’s Calabasas neighborhood. It is likely that Justin Bieber’s mansion being searched by the police has caused another disruption in a neighborhood that has become a lot less quiet since Bieber moved in.

By Marisa Corley


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