Justin Bieber Gets Arrested in Toronto

Justin Bieber gets arrested in Toronto
Justin Bieber gets arrested by the Toronto police on Wednesday January 29, 2014, for an assault charges filed against him by his limousine driver in December last year.  The teen sensation arrived in black SUV wearing black coat and cap with paparazzi surrounding him.  He was accompanied with several police officers, his bodyguard and media journalists as Bieber approached the police station in Toronto for an arrest on Wednesday night.  The teen star will confront allegation charges filed by his limousine driver in late December 2013.

Bieber was taken into custody by the Toronto Police on Wednesday night.  The Toronto police said, it’s not apparent whether Bieber or member of his entourage was involved in the alleged assault with the limo driver who was driving the star and many others last month on December 29, 2013. Pop star was present at the Air Canada Center for Toronto Maple Leafs game.  Bieber was allegedly charged but within few hours he left the police station in December in Toronto.

Last year 2013 was a rough ride for the pop star, and this year seems to be no exception for him.  Bieber was charged and arrested on January 23, 2014 in Miami, Florida.  He was drag racing and exceeding speed limits in Miami while allegedly driving under the influence with an expired license.  The teen star allegedly cursed at the officials, resisted arrest, confessed to smoking marijuana, and was drunk while he took prescription drugs.  The Miami officials arrested him less than a week ago.  The arrest on Wednesday seemed to be his second arrest in a row due to his bad behavior.

In California, Bieber’s attorney Howard Weitzman said, “Our position is that Mr. Bieber is innocent.”  The charges against him in Canada are similar to a misdemeanor offense in the United States.

Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun said on a social networking site twitter, “be kind and hope for best in people” and “not assume the worst.”  Previously, the star failed an abstinence test as he was racing twice the speed limit in Miami, Florida.  He allegedly was drunk driving although he pleaded not guilty.

Earlier this year, Bieber’s residence was investigated by detectives in a hunt after an egg-tossing vandalism episode when surveillance proved that Bieber caused the damage to his neighbor’s California home.  The detectives search captured more audience than Bieber’s released album in earlier January 2014.

Bieber’s friend and house guest rapper Lil Za, was found in possession of illegal drugs and was arrested by the Los Angeles County Sheriff in a search at his residence earlier this January.  Bieber’s neighbor accused him of $20,000 worth of house damage in an egg tossing attack.

In New York City, Bieber cursed Bill Clinton and squirted his picture with a cleaning liquid.  He issued an apology to the former president later on.

Bieber’s bad behavior have encouraged the WhiteHouse.gov petition which is signed by more than 115,000 people asking for the deportation of pop star to Canada, his native country.

The pop star is required to appear in the court on March 10, 2014 in Toronto.

Every time Bieber is charged, and arrested, he has been bailed out.  However, his troubled and reckless behavior is not new to paparazzi or anyone.  The investigations against him in many cases have not ended yet. Whether it’s the limo driver who was assaulted on December 29, or his egg tossing vandalism against the neighbor’s residence in California, pop star’s actions continue to grab everyone’s attention.

By Iqra Amjad

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  1. Ave   February 22, 2014 at 7:27 pm

    He should not have to go to court if he can just bail himself out I believe he is not gilty


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