Justin Bieber Is Talentless Tweets Drake Bell Says Lil Za Took Drug Fall

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Drake Bell may had deleted some of his Justin Bieber aimed tweets, but in the world of Twitter-verse, nothing ever goes unnoticed or forgotten. Bell, half of the funny dual of Drake & Josh seems to have tired of all things Bieber, even calling the teen singing sensation, “talentless.” If anyone needs a reminder, police raided Bieber’s house this past Tuesday and found drugs laying out in “plain view.” The drug Molly, reportedly belonged to Bieber’s BFF, Lil Za and he was arrested. Bieber was not.

Bell took issue with the whole concept of arrest and sent a tweet that was heard around the social media world. He tweeted directly to Bieber, “how much are you paying Lil Za to take the coke wrap for ya?” Additionally, the 27-year-old actor stated it was time for Bieber to learn “to be an ADULT!” Scathing tweets followed, calling Bieber a little “sh**” and telling the young singer to go “practice your guitar!!” Bell may had been blasted by Bieber fans, but he was not the only celebrity who felt Bieber’s friend took the drug fall. Star of the long-time series Supernatural Jared Padalecki who plays Sam, tweeted a similar message to Bieber, “how much are you paying your friend for pretending that was HIS cocaine, and taking the fall for you?”

Bell goes off on Twitter, fan responds

Beliebers immediately rushed to the defense of their much-loved celebrity, including another friend of Bieber’s, Milk Tyson, who responded to Bell, stating that one day Bell would have to answer for his “bully sh**.” Since the raid happened on Bieber’s home many individuals wondered if Lil Za took the fall for his friend, since the drug Molly was not found on any person within the home, but was sitting atop of a table.  Bell was heated, did he have a right to be? It seems many people agree, including fellow celebrities. This is not the first time Bell has aimed tweets at Bieber and seemingly it will not be the last.

Twitter rumble
Twitter rumble!

Lil Za is taking the arrest in stride. He was released Tuesday evening on bond and reported to his Twitter fans that he was “fine.” He returned to Bieber’s home that evening after not only getting hit with a $20,000 bond but an additional $30,000 for damaging a phone within his holding area. Lt. David Thomas from the LA County Sheriff’s office stated that Bieber was in no way connected to the “cocaine” and it was related instead to Lil Za whose real name is Xavier Smith. As far as Bieber’s stance with his neighbor and that egg throwing incident? Thomas stated the investigation is ongoing and Bieber has not been “arrested nor exonerated” at the present time.

Lil Za leaves prison, says "i'm fine"
Lil Za leaves prison, says “i’m fine”

Lil Za is handling the arrest well, but one person who remains upset is Bieber. The star states that detectives seized his cell phone and he is worried about potential pictures on the phone. Police officials are stating they are only interested in text messages that may link the star to the egg incident. Celebrity news outlet, TMZ states there are “naked photos” on the phone, but are unsure of they are selfies or others. Bieber’s concern is real and can be understood. Although he placed himself into a situation, if he is indeed at fault for throwing eggs, having his cell phone seized could mean big trouble for the singer.

If the phone is not properly handled and lands in the wrong hands, it could mean images or potential text messages are released to social media outlets. For now, Lt. Thomas states any items for review are secure. It seems Bieber is creating a list of naysayers. From an outraged neighbor, an angry Drake Bell and Jared Padalecki who left sizzling tweets – one has to wonder if Bieber will look to reclassify himself. A break from under the spotlight and refocusing his image, might be much needed steps. Thoughts on the matter? Did Lil Za take the drug fall for Bieber? Share in the comments.


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  1. Max   April 20, 2014 at 3:31 pm

    Thank you Drake…Justin is not a very good singer like Austin Mohone is, thanks a ton

  2. Darius Carter   January 18, 2014 at 3:57 am

    Milk Tyson is a super suck up in Hollywood. He moved here thinking he was going to be a famous rapper. Years later, he only sells weed..legally…like delivering a pizza. He was fired from Speed Weed because he was incompetent at that mindless job. He started stalking Justin Bieber, and hooking him up with weed so he would be his friend. He is an old, half bald, fat man…..who recently tattooed Justin Bieber on his arm.

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