Justin Bieber Mom Pattie and Usher Arrive in Panama for Intervention

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While Justin Bieber may had arrived in Panama to connect with bad girl, Chantel Jeffries, it looks like other motives are in play. Reportedly, mentor and the man who discovered Bieber, class-act Usher, arrived in Panama with Bieber’s mom, Pattie Mallette. Additionally, two of Bieber’s closest friends have arrived and it appears they are looking to have a sit down with the out of control singer. Intervention time is needed and hopefully will be implemented this coming week for Bieber.

Here's hoping mom Pattie can help Bieber get it together
Here’s hoping mom Pattie can help Bieber get it together

Bieber needs no introductions when it comes to the amount of trouble he started running into, when 2013 rolled around. 2014 is leading to an incredibly rocky start – especially since Bieber has no concerts or appearances scheduled to keep him busy. The good kid gone rouge, left prison after being arrested from a drag-racing event. Reportedly, the prize of the race was model, Chantel Jeffries, who may be possibly the worst influence Bieber could have near him. Jeffries has a marred record and it is not clear her role in his life. Unknown if she was in Panama to assist his family or just have some fun with the star.

Mom Pattie has made her concerns known, but it seems now action is taking place. Usher has voiced his concerns as well, his own star is bright without questionable behavior. If this is an intervention, it is one that is thoroughly needed. Bieber did not seem too concerned after his arrest and hauling himself onto the SUV to wave to adoring fans outside of a prison, just does not speak of a lesson learned. Also in Panama attendance is Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun. Bieber’s agent has been critical of the influences surrounding his client.

It appears Bieber is losing his focus and instead splurging on negatives in his life. He is 19-years-old and should enjoy his wealth, he worked hard, traveled a lot and has done a lot of good. That does not excuse any level of entitlement when it comes to bad behavior. Celebrities should not be deemed role models, but they should exude behaviors befitting of their record label and more importantly, themselves.

Bieber could stand to lose an incredibly dedicated fan base if he continues to follow negative patterns. It will be only a matter of time, especially if he has “retired” from the industry. This may be the time for mom Pattie to demonstrate his need to return home, or if all else fails, rehab. This has been noted in previous celebrities, when parents have no choice but to take over. Consider Britney Spears and even Amanda Bynes – both endured the aspect of rehab and their parents forcing their hand to take control.

Usher has voiced concerns for his young protege.
Usher has voiced concerns for his young protege.

The young singer is running into legal issues that are beginning to mount and it will be only a matter of time, his path will become entrenched in legal woes. Bieber admired the life and career of Michael Jackson and has stated he emulates him. The details of death surrounding the King of Pop remains elusive and a path no fan ever wants to see Bieber on. The young singer is striking out, he was forced to grow up much too fast, in an environment of adoration and riches. This leaves little room to understand the measure of consequence.

Hopefully, with mom Pattie, mentor Usher, Braun and the rest of Bieber’s loved ones, they will get him back on the path of return. Some time away, not only from the spotlight, but bad influences can set the star straight. Spears had an amazing comeback after some time out of the limelight and with the assistance of loved ones. It is with high hopes this potential Panama intervention will see Bieber back to a path of doing right.




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