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For anyone who hasn’t heard by now, Justin Bieber is once again on the hot seat or the lukewarm seat perhaps because no matter how many times he is called out for causing a ruckus or wreaking havoc on his unsuspecting (Yeah, right!) Calabasas neighbors, he seems to walk away scot-free, with another notch added to his bad boy belt. After all, the entertainment business is all about image. The Biebs’ “Project X” partying has been recently linked to an egging that reportedly caused thousands of dollars worth of damage to one of his neighbors’ homes, and apparently there have been threats of, wait for it … wait for it … deportation! But in all honestly, who actually “beliebs” this will ever really happen?

Whether it’s Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus or Paris Hilton (way back when) celebrities never stay in trouble, and most of the trouble they get in are desperate attempts to stay relevant in our reality “Me V” generation. They’re rich (meaning the best lawyers money can buy) and maybe more importantly famous, therefore, high in public opinion. Probably even some of Justin’s neighbors like him around, especially their daughters. Any talk of Justin’s deportation is just that:  talk. That’s not to say that Justin’s behavior shouldn’t be addressed.

If he has caused any damage to anyone’s home, or has had something to do with the destruction of someone’s property, then of course he should pay to mend the damages. But this “egging” is part of a bigger problem. Justin Bieber like almost all young celebrities  do what they want, when they want, with no regard to anything really. But can we blame them? If anyone became a famous pop singer overnight, made millions of dollars, and literally had women (or men) dropping their pants for them,  it would be hard to say no to anything, especially when you have the means to do it all.

These behaviors lead to even greater consequences when the truth about the party hard lifestyle with sex and drugs comes into play.  Justin’s home was searched by police investigators, who arrested a member of his entourage on suspicion of cocaine possession.

Part of the blame then has to be shared with the masses. People buy into the celebrity lifestyle, they perpetuate it, and reward it with more fame. Society has either forgotten, or stopped caring, because they see dollar signs; but teen idols are far too young to be responsible enough to handle this type of freedom and leniency. They have yet to mature; and, in a world where all they hear is yes, they’re not going to.

But let’s not single out today’s pop stars. This is a much bigger problem with American celebrity-obsessed culture altogether. Superstar athletes, politicians, actors or anyone for that matter with a bunch of zeros in their bank accounts all participate in bending the law. If you have the money, you can do the crime, and literally pay the time. That won’t change in the near future. This is something Justin Bieber’s neighbors probably know all too well. But, for now, pay up Biebs and try to keep the peace.

By Asha Doucet


USA Today

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