NASA: Experts in Potty Training

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The glorious and glamorous job of being an astronaut for NASA, does not equate to the privacy of a regular Earthling when it comes to going to the bathroom.  Specially trained individuals commit to a life well beyond the usual requirements of everyday living when they take on the task of making a living through space travel and exploration.  Entering the last frontier involves an open nature and a no holds barred attitude.  The lofty heights into space beyond the confines of a normal household involve a trained way of doing things properly, a procedure designed by NASA, the experts in potty training.

NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, has always gone the extra mile in training their ambassadors, scientists and the elite performing group for the space program.  Safety checks and balances are the norm before a mission even reaches the platform for blast-off.  Precise plans are in place, excitement fills the air, as visitors make plans to attend ceremonies and events that preclude any mission into space.  Nature beckons the new frontier, and all other details have been well attended to.

NASA sees to every careful calculation to protect the well being of their most treasured elite cream of the crop and they ensure the very details of everyday life to go on without mishap.  Even training in the potty procedures becomes a regular routine for any astronaut who dons a spacesuit and agrees to the unspoken trials of the adventure.  Gravity exercises and centrifugal force experiments seem mild in comparison to clamping down their body to use the toilet.

Zero gravity in space requires extra diligence and positioning when nature calls within the confines of a space capsule.  It is all designed, with everything in mind that could come up or come out.  Space toilets are just a given when the adult diapers are dissed for more comfortable soaring among the stars.  As embarrassing as it could be, astronauts get used to the displeasure and inconveniences of modern life in view of a whole new modern world in space.

There are no sinks or showers to clean up with, but space toilets are available to prevent floating debris and missed missions.  The comrades in close quarters will soon learn to live with each others quirks, habits and noises we all emit, beyond the provided heavy curtain.  Going to the bathroom in space is a whole new adventure that takes special potty training from NASA in the months and weeks that lead up to a mission lasting well beyond the usual routine.

Color-coded vacuums are available on spaceships to rid the passenger of their bodily waste quite efficiently after proper NASA potty training.  Urine is sometimes recycled by means of a treatment facility on board, to be used as drinking water, but solid debris is collected and compressed into dried material to be returned to Earth.  The goal is to get everything into the right shoot and stored accordingly.  The facts of life play their part when traveling into the galaxies and glories of worldwide fame for discovery of the next planet or moon.

The WCS, Waste Collection System, works quite well with proper NASA potty training for our astronauts and assures passengers of free floating debris.  Living closely within a space capsule is a prime ingredient to an adventure to Mars or to moons yet to be discovered.

Mastering an airplane lavatory is just the next step in the proper procedure of space travel.  Clamping down with thigh and foot restraints are a simple feat when it comes to peeing and pooping in outer space.  NASA has seen to all the future events that are bound to take place, as they are the experts in potty training and universal contentment within the stars still at bay.

By: Roanne FitzGibbon


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  1. Martin Hedington   January 29, 2014 at 6:07 am

    “…get everything into the right shoot”?! How old are you, five?


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