Justin Bieber: Tattooed Teen Singer Made of Teflon?

Justin Bieber: Tattooed Teen Singer Made of Teflon?

2013 for Justin Bieber was a year of bad news and bad press, but, the tattooed teen singer seems to be made of Teflon as all charges brought against him failed to stick. 2014 looks to be a repeat of last year with constant allegations being made against the Canadian performer who appears to share a lot with the late mobster John Gotti, aka, The Teflon Don.

Certainly in terms of criminality the 19 year-old popstar cannot compete with Gotti, who not only ruled the underworld as the Capo di tutti capi of the Gambino family in organized crime, but, could order a man’s death as easily as most men order breakfast. Bieber may not be in the same league as the dead crime boss but he does share the ability to skip away from the more serious allegations aimed at him.

When police swooped in on Bieber’s Calabasas home to serve a felony search warrant based on vandalism charges, the monetary amount of damage was estimated to be around $20,000, they found what they believed initially to be cocaine. The substance was right out in the open, or as one policeman stated, “in plain view,” and one of Justin’s friends, Lil Za, got busted for possession.

Lil Za, who got kicked out of Bieber’s house back in September 2013, was obviously forgiven for whatever transgression got him the boot last year. Rumors at the time stated that both Lil Twist and Lil Za got shown the door after some of Bieber’s jewelry went missing. It’s either been found or forgotten about since the Za was allowed back in the circle (of trust).

Police now think that the substance found in Justin Bieber’s home is Molly and law enforcement have said they also found Xanax in the teflon coated tattooed teen’s house. Authorities arrested Lil Za, who is the same age as his little buddy Bieber, for drug possession, so apparently the singer of Gangster Sh*t fessed up to owing either the Xanax, or the Molly, or both.

Justin Bieber: Tattooed Teen Singer Made of Teflon?
John Gotti aka The Teflon Don.

Lil Za, aka Xavier Smith, was taken to jail and, thus far, he is the only one of eight people who were detained in the Bieber household to be nicked for anything. The police were looking for some sort of evidence that linked Justin to an alleged egg throwing incident last Thursday. The pop star’s next door neighbor rang police claiming that Bieber damaged his house and was, allegedly, caught on film pelting the residence with eggs.

Damages to the house went into the thousands making the vandalism incident a felony. Overeager police got a search warrant and rushed into Bieber’s home at eight in the morning to conduct their sweep of the house. Eight people were detained in the garage while local cops went through the domicile. Once the drugs were “found” Lil Za was taken to the station.

In a splendid case of almost serendipitous irony, or even karma, Xavier Smith was charged with possession and was due to be released on $20,000 bail, the same amount as the damage caused by the Bieber egg event. But that is not the end of the karmic significance; before leaving the jail, Za made a phone call and during the conversation got so angry that he ripped the phone off the wall. His jailers were not impressed by the show of rage and promptly re-arrested the singer for vandalism.

Bieber may have gotten off, yet again, by having one of his little buddies take the rap for him. The teen tearaway may indeed have the “luck” of John Gotti when it comes to making charges stick, but, it cannot last. It is not known just what transpired inside of Bieber’s house during the “raid.” Lil Za could have “taken a fall” in good faith for his pal Justin.

But what about that phone call? Did Xavier make an error in judgement? Did he take the fall only to have it blow up in his face? Lil Za, and Lil Twist, were both booted out of Justin Bieber’s residence once before. Lil Twist has got “prior” for taking a fall for Bieber and now Lil Za has taken one for the singer, at least it looks like he has, and whatever news he got on the phone in jail resulted in the singer coming unglued.

Justin Bieber: Tattooed Teen Singer Made of Teflon?
Lil Za – fall guy?

Has Justin Bieber, the tattooed teen singer made of teflon, turned his back on his “benefactor?” Clearly Lil Za was very angry at whoever was on the other end of that phone. Was it Justin, or his manager Scooter Braun, trying to put as much distance between himself and the drugs related charge as possible? The world may never know as Bieber’s friends who take falls for him do not “kiss and tell.”

By Michael Smith


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