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Justin Bieber Turns Himself in to the Canadian Mounties

Justin Bieber Turns Himself in to the Canadian Mounties

With the long arm of the Miami police department reaching out for him, Justin Bieber has turned himself in to the Canadian Mounties, or as they are known above the border, the Toronto Police Department. While Bieber has been in the news most recently for throwing eggs as well as for DUI, resisting arrest and driving with an expired license in 2014, he was wanted for questioning in relation to assault allegations from back in December 2013 in his home country.

According to the Toronto police, they were investigating allegations that someone in the 19 year-old Canadian pop star’s crew had physically accosted a limousine driver who had been tasked with driving the singer and his entourage around. Law enforcement officials revealed that at the time of the allegations it was not apparent if Bieber had actually been involved.

On Wednesday the teen heartthrob claimed that he was not guilty of driving under the influence while drag racing down a residential Miami street. The performer also pleaded not guilty to the charges of driving with an expired license and of resisting arrest.

There have been recent allegations from certain celeb media sites that the charge of driving at around twice the posted speed limit was tacked on by the local Miami police to justify their stopping the singer. The entertainer was arrested six days ago and charged with several counts. It was alleged that Bieber had been drag racing with his R&B buddy Khalil, who is also 19 years-old, reaching speeds way over the posted limit.

Since the arrest, CCTV footage has been released that seem to show the drag race was not as high octane as the police suggest. More of a drag crawl than a race, the speeds appear to be very sedate, but, the camera coverage does not, apparently, capture the whole event.

Before the arrest, Justin had been observed partaking alcoholic beverages at a nightclub and the singer admitted to drinking, smoking weed and having taken the prescription drug Xanax prior to operating the vehicle. After the arrest and the singers posting bail, he pleaded not guilty to the charges and rushed to turn himself in to the Canadian Mounties.

The Baby singer is still under investigation for the egg throwing incident at his Calabasas, California neighborhood. The alleged attack against a neighbor’s house caused damages that reached $20,000 which made the offense a felony. Because of the felony status, police obtained a search warrant to investigate Bieber’s premises for any evidence that could connect the singer to the attack.

While police were sweeping through the crowded house, a total of eight people were restrained in the property’s garage while the search was going on, they found a bowl of powder that law enforcement officials initially thought was cocaine. Justin’s live-in friend Lil Za claimed the powder was his. The drug was confiscated and Lil Za was arrested.

Later, police stated that the powder was not cocaine but MDMA, aka Molly and Xanax. Lil Za, who took the fall for the drug, was arrested once more at the jail for ripping a jail telephone off the wall in a fit of rage. Although the police raid at Justin’s California home netted officials nothing that could connect him to the egg attack, he is still under investigation for that particular incident.

The fact that Justin Bieber has turned himself in to the Canadian Mounties, aka, the Toronto Police, seems to indicate that he is willing to take his chances in a Canadian court of law in order to let things cool down south of the border. Although if he is found guilty of assaulting the limo driver, he may have wished he had stayed in the U.S. to face that music.

By Michael Smith