Justin Bieber Turns Himself in to Toronto Police

Justin Bieber Turns Himself in to Toronto Police

On Wednesday evening, Justin Bieber turned himself in to Toronto police on charges that he assaulted a Toronto limousine driver last month. Allegedly, Bieber hit the limousine driver in the back of his head several times. This marked the Canadian pop star’s second arrest in just a week.

Justin Bieber, 19, was charged with one count of assault. March 10, 2014, is when he has been scheduled to appear in court on the assault charge.

The alleged assault of the limousine driver occurred during the early morning hours of December 30, 2013. Bieber and five members of his entourage were picked up by the limousine driver. The alleged assault occurred when the limousine was on the way to a hotel where Justin Bieber was staying while in Toronto.

When the alleged incident occurred, the driver got out of the limo and called the police, according to an official statement. The driver reported to the police that the person who assaulted him had left the scene.

Justin Bieber’s attorney in California, Howard Weitzman, stated that Bieber was innocent, but declined any further comments, other than to say that it was now up to the court system to determine what happens, and that he expected the charge would be treated as a summary offense. Summary offenses in Canada are the equivalent of misdemeanors in the United States.

Justin Bieber’s Canadian attorney, Brian Greenspan, could not be reached for further comment.

Was Justin Bieber the one who assaulted the limo driver?

Though Justin Bieber was the one of his entourage who was charged with the assault, at the time that the assault took place the Toronto police had said that they were looking into the allegations and said it was unclear if Bieber had actually been the one who committed the assault. At that time, the police were considering the possibility that the assault had been carried out by a member of Justin’s entourage.

Once at the police station, Justin Bieber spent about 90 minutes there and then left by a exit at the back of the building.There was a throng of people there who had spent over an hour in weather where the temperatures were hovering around freezing or below. Many waited for his arrival for more than an hour in freezing temperatures. He spent about an hour and a half in the police station before leaving through a back exit.

In 2013, it seemed that Justin Bieber was untouchable by the law, and that any publicity was “good” publicity, if it kept his name in the news.

However, 2014 is not starting out like that. The sales of Justin Bieber’s latest album have been less-than-stellar, and Bieber’s very public romantic breakups and run-ins with the law have not endeared him in the hearts and minds of many parents, who are often the ones to shell out the money so that their teens can be able to purchase CDS.

While Justin Bieber still has legions of loyal fans, his recent activities, bringing him to the attention of law enforcement agencies, has created chinks in his Teflon coating and has hurt his album sales.

Debuting his video for his latest song, “Confident,” also on Wednesday, the day he turned himself in to the Toronto police, was likely meant to generate more attention and publicity for the song, but people might be looking more at what appears to be Bieber’s wrong-doings finally catching up with him than looking to purchase his latest music.

Whether or not Justin Bieber vandalized his neighbor’s house by tossing eggs at it, that incident seemed to be just one more in a growing chain of bizarre behavior verging on criminal acts that Bieber’s name has been associated with.

Did Justin Bieber drag race under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs? That matter is still under investigation, though the breathalyzer reading was under the legal limit of alcohol for someone his age. Still, the police might go forward with the case, and say the DUI is based more upon being under the influence of pot, or some other substance or combination of substances.

Was it Bieber or a member of his entourage who hit the limo driver in the back of his head multiple times? It could be that the alleged assault was committed by a member of his entourage, but Justin Bieber’s name has once again been associated with a crime, and his album sales might end up suffering from his run-ins with the law, whether he is guilty or not.

Even the Toronto limo company’s manager said that it wasn’t Bieber who committed the assault, but was rather a member of Bieber’s entourage who was responsible for committing the assault. According to Steve Salem, the manager of VIP Limousines, Toronto, he said that he could “confirm” that the person who hit the back of the driver’s head repeatedly was a member of the “entourage.”

VIP Limousines is one of six limo companies that are controlled by a larger umbrella company. The driver who was assaulted is employed on a part-time basis. He has been told not to talk to anyone.

Has the public had enough of Justin Bieber? Some people seem to be, as over 100,000 have even signed a petition to have the pop star deported.

Justin Bieber, who faces allegations that he assaulted a limo driver in December 2013, made over $50 million last year, and he’s generally surrounded by an entourage who support him, and fans who think he can do no wrong. Has he finally gone too far and is he beginning to lose his die-hard fan base? Please leave your comments below!

Written by: Douglas Cobb


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