Justin Bieber’s Controversies Continue


Controversies continue to pour in from Justin Bieber, with never-ending frequency. Within hours of being charged by Toronto Police for assaulting a limo driver in Toronto, Bieber’s lab tests and sobriety tests results are out. Conducted after he was arrested for driving under influence by Miami police on January 23rd, the pop star has now tested positive for alcohol, pot and Xanax.

The brief of the assessment stated that Bieber had pot and the anti-anxiety prescription medicine Xanax in his system when he was arrested. Bieber’s speech was also found to be mumbled, his pupils dilated, face flushed and his eyes were bloodshot. Earlier yesterday, the teenage pop star’s attorney had entered a not guilty plea in Florida for driving under the influence, resisting arrest and driving with an expired license.

Bieber spent an hour and a half in a Toronto Police station on Wednesday after being charged for assaulting a limo driver. Bieber had hit the back of the driver’s head several times and fled from the limo when the driver exited the vehicle to call the cops. The incident happened on December 30, 2013 when the limo driver picked Bieber and five others from outside of a night club in Toronto. Toronto police has yet to confirm if Bieber or one of the members of his entourage were involved. He is scheduled to appear in court on March 10, 2014.

The list of controversies doesn’t end here for the teen pop star. He is under investigation after being accused by his neighbor in California for tossing eggs at his mansion. LA Police raided his $ 6.5 million house in California and collected the security camera’s footage as evidence about two weeks ago. In continuation with the investigation, the prosecutors have requested for more time to collect evidence before they could press charges against Bieber with felony vandalism.

In the midst of all this, an online petition was logged on whitehouse.gov, a people portal, asking to deport the trouble making pop star back to Canada and to revoke his green card. The petition exceeded 100,000 signatures, and the petition calls for official as well as timely action from the Obama administration. However, no action has been taken yet by the administration on the petition.

This online petition was started from someone in Detroit right after the pop star was arrested in Miami. The petition stated that the citizens of United States are getting an incorrect representation on the world stage from the reckless and dangerous activities of the Baby singer. It goes on to request the US government to revoke the green card of the drug abusing singer, deporting him to put an end to the misrepresentation of the American way of life in the world of pop culture.

The need to remove Bieber from the country was also justified for his negative influence on the youth of the nation. With more and more signatures pouring in to support the petition, the reaction from White House has yet to be initiated.

When all odds are against him, Toronto’s controversial Mayor Rob Ford came in to the defense of the pop star. Ford said on a Washington, DC radio show that Justin Bieber is a young 19-year-old who continues to behave his age and that everyone should think about how they were at that age.

By Daris Abraham

National Post
Huffington Post

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