Justin Bieber’s Crazy Beliebers

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It seems that no matter what Justin Bieber is up to, one thing remains true: there is a large group of people that possess a strong dislike for the troubled star, and another seemingly large and certainly crazy group that is infallibly infatuated with heaven knows what. These people call themselves “Beliebers,” or “believers in Justin Bieber,” and they have reached a new level of crazy.

In his most recent controversy, Bieber pushed his limits once again, and the result was his arrest. Allegedly, the young star was drag racing in a 30 mph residential area in Miami Beach. When pulled over, it became apparent that he was Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and he admitted to smoking marijuana, drinking alcohol, and taking prescription medication before getting behind the wheel. In addition, Bieber hasn’t had a driver’s license for 6 months. Miami police nabbed him for drunk driving, resisting arrest and driving without a valid license by Miami Beach police.

After a rather uncomfortable-looking mug shot, prison transfer, an hour in jail, and a $2,500 bond was set, Bieber was released to a crowd cheering fans. And these cheering fans, these passionate and undying Beliebers, are helping propagate the madness that is Justin Bieber.

Across the world, people have denounced Bieber’s reckless and frankly immature actions. However, his core fan base is as steadfast as ever. A new sort tweet has unfortunately started trending in a significant way, running with the hashtag “#WeWillAlwaysSupportYouJustin.” Part self-therapeutic rambling, part legitimately heartfelt rambling, his fans have stormed across Twitter to make sure everyone knows that their bad boy pop star is still the cuddly kid that made it big through hard work, and that he is nothing short of a saint.

If that seems crazy, consider that this isn’t even the first time that the Belibers have idolized their dear Justin for a lapse in moral judgement. Who can forget the time Bieber spat on his adoring fans? Or perhaps the time he urinated into a bucket while hurling obscenities at a picture of Bill Clinton for no reason? Add to that a series of threats and aggressive acts towards his neighbors, attempts to attack the paparazzi, and whatever exactly he was doing with a pet monkey in Germany are just a few of his notorious escapades. In every instance, they stood beside him (virtually of course) and aggressively confronted anyone who would challenge Bieber’s judgement.

Perhaps worst of all was the “#CutForJustin,” movement. Though it was none of his doing directly, it does illustrate how clearly and unfortunately troubled some of his diehard fans are. Started as a hoax for the sole purpose of seeing how mad his Twitter lovers were, a group of internet trolls created the hashtag in response to Bieber’s purported use of marijuana. It caught on with users cutting themselves to send a message to their deity-like pop star, and within hours it was a top trend. His fan base was inflicting self-harm simply to get some sort of response from Bieber.

So it becomes clear that there are two distinct and defined types of people in the world: those who see Justin Bieber and his antics as absolutely ridiculous, and the crazy Beliebers who will do anything for him. It is scary at times how absurd and illogical it is, but nonetheless there is a group of people who follow Bieber with a religious fervor. It makes one wonder how far he will go, and subsequently how far his Beliebers will go just to support Justin.

By Brett Byers-Lane


The Telegraph

2 Responses to "Justin Bieber’s Crazy Beliebers"

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  2. G   January 27, 2014 at 1:49 pm

    Many articles have highlighted concerns that Justin Bieber is disregarding laws and is slowly degenerating into a life of drugs and alcohol. However, this article has enunciated the more important problem arising from Justin Bieber’s erratic behaviour. His extraordinarily loyal fan base, or “Beliebers”, happen to love their idol unconditionally and have even started campaigns promoting self-harm for the sake of Justin Bieber.

    However, most articles seem to cite Justin Bieber as the sole cause of these Bieber fanatics. This is not true. Bieber’s actions can be seen as quite similar to the actions of many rebellious teenagers and young adults. In fact, Bieber’s actions seem to be exactly congruent to those of rebellious teenagers who are trying to gain attention from their parents, friends, or community through their use of drugs, alcohol, or crimes. Likewise, Bieber is also trying to gain attention as many other artists have done in the past (Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears come to mind). It is this fact that makes me think. Why is his fanbase so supportive? Britney Spears never had this sort of fanaticism from her fans, nor did any other erratic musicians. Thus it must be another problem that is causing the craziness from “Beliebers”. Perhaps it is the equally crazed “hate” that permeates the anti-beliebers, or perhaps it is the media’s tendency to blow what he does out of proportion. Either way the problem should be weeded out and fixed before things get more out of hand.


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