Kaley Cuoco Ties the Knot on New Year’s Eve

Kaley Cuoco married Ryan Sweeting

Many of the greatest stories come from New Year’s Eve as it is a night of fun, celebration, and invitation for a new year to come, and as many are trying to bring in the new year with good luck, Kaley Cuoco is bringing in the most, because what better way is there to get a new year of luck than tying the knot on New Year’s Eve? Yesterday Dec. 31, 2013 Kaley Cuoco celebrated the end of the year by getting married!

Kaley Cuoco, former star of Charmed and current star of The Big Bang Theory, and fiancee Ryan Sweeting, a well known tennis player, made a marriage official with a beautiful, intimate wedding at Hummingbird Nest Ranch in California.

Cuoco and Sweeting met in L.A. after being encouraged by a friend. At first Cuoco was hesitant to meet Sweeting but did anyway. She stated, after their meeting, that she felt the connection instantly and after Sweeting never left L.A. The two announced their engagement after only three months of dating, an announcement that surprised many. They were together for six months before their New Year’s Eve wedding. The celebrity couple, family, and friends had been making preparations all week in order to create the wedding that Kaley was dreaming of.

They married yesterday in front of 150 guests in a wedding that was not traditional but nevertheless exquisite. They arrived in style at 7 p.m. as guests were entertained all night with unique talents like fire-breathers, characters on stilts, and characters in costumes. The scenery was a grand ball room with pink tulle cascading from the ceiling and down the walls. Kaley Cuoco wore a beautiful strapless pink Vera Wang gown to tie the knot to Sweeting on New Year’s Eve, skipping the traditional bridal white.

While other details of the wedding have not yet been released to the public, the two took many loving and humorous pictures to celebrate their nuptials, including one posted on Instagram by Kaley of her kissing her new husband. Many pictures have been posted since on Kaley’s social media for fans who want to be a part of the magical wedding that Kaley had on New Year’s Eve.

While tying the knot on New Year’s Eve was a major moment for actress Kaley Cuoco fans should be expecting to see more great moments from Cuoco as she continues her acting career, even after ending the year as a wife. The Big Bang Theory will continue with its next episode premiering tomorrow on Jan. 2. As the season continues Kaley’s character Penny struggles after her acting bust, as Leonard tries to find a way to help her.

Ironically it does not seem like Cuoco will be needing help anytime soon as she exclaims that she is the happiest that she has ever been. This is expected as this is both Kaley’s and Ryan’s first and hopefully last marriage.

No announcements have yet been made as to where the couple plans to honeymoon, if there is any time to honeymoon with Kaley’s acting career and Ryan’s tennis career. For now the Sweetings are just enjoying life as newlyweds and starting the New Year off with a bang! Congratulations Kaley and Ryan!

By Crystal Boulware

US Weekly
Daily News

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