Kanye West Beats up Racist Teen Heckler

Kanye West Beats up Racist Teen Heckler

Eyewitnesses are reporting that Kanye West beat up an 18-year-old man who was heckling his fianceé Kim Kardashian with racial epithets. TMZ reports that the altercation took place in a Beverly Hills chiropractor’s waitng room at about 12:15 p.m. on Monday. The unnamed man allegedly called Kardashian a “b*tch”, “n**ger-lover” and “stupid sl*t” and then later got punched by rapper Yeezy over 30 times. The man curled up into a ball to defend himself while a receptionist screamed at Kanye to stop. A massage therapist then separated the two men.

The assailant has said that he plans to press charges. Kanye West is the primary suspect of a criminal investigation by the LAPD, but they have not yet reached him for questioning.

According to witnesses, Kardashian claims that she captured the event on tape. It is also reported that she still kept her appointment in the building that day.

TMZ reports that the incident began after the 18-year-old started yelling racial and homophobic expletives at a paparazzi that included the “N-word.” Kardashian told the heckler that it is inappropriate to use the word. The teen then told Kardashian that he was just trying to help her, then focused his verbal attacks on her.

Kardashian then phoned her fianceé Kanye West. Upon discovering this, the teen yelled racial epithets at him while he was on the line. Kanye later arrived at the building and entered the waiting room, where he allegedly beat on the young man with his fists.

Kanye West already faces an assault charge after an incident with a paparazzi outside of Los Angeles International Airport in July. The photographer asked Kanye some questions, but he told him to stop. When he kept asking questions, Kanye tried to grab his camera and knocked the man over. Paramedics came to the scene and Yeezy fled in a waiting car.

Kanye West may have a difficult time proving that it was in self-defense, so this could land him in hot water. L.A. attorney Mychal Wilson told HollywoodLife:

“If the 18 year old had intentionally created an apprehension of imminent or harmful offensive contact, then Kim Kardashian may have been able to defend herself with reasonable force. And, if present, Kanye West may have been able to assert self-defense through the self defense legal doctrine known as ‘Defense of Others’ or ‘Defense of a Third Person.'”

But Kanye West didn’t arrive on the scene until after the alleged assault took place. The teen heckled Kanye while Kim was on the phone with him, so Wilson believes that Kanye West’s physical contact “exceeded reasonable force and was not in the ‘heat of the moment.’”

HollywoodLife reports that the teen may hire Gloria Allred as his attorney, the same attorney who represents the victim in the LAX incident. According to Wilson, Kanye faces up to six months jail time each for the charges of battery and attempted theft (of the camera). Now he may face new criminal charges and is likely to get hit by another civil suit. In this new case of beating up the racist teen heckler, Kanye West will have to argue that he or his fianceé were in immediate danger.

By K. Elsner



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