Kelly Clarkson Reveals She Is Having a Girl

Kelly ClarksonAmerican Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson, has revealed she is having a girl. It has brought an end to the months of betting on the child’s sex.

Clarkson made the announcement on Twitter to all her fans on Monday. The singer and her husband, Brandon Blackstock, found out through a routine scan. The sex of the baby can be told after around 17 weeks gestation, but it does depend on the baby’s positioning. Most of the time, the decision is correct but there have been cases of parents having the opposite sex.

After weeks of constant morning sickness, the Miss Independent singer was certain that her child was going to be a girl. She had stated that as soon as she announced her pregnancy back in November 2013. When making the announcement on Twitter, she declared that “only a girl could cause this much drama,” referring to her morning sickness.

During an interview with People, Clarkson had questioned the name morning sickness, saying that it was “all day and all night.” Despite the sickness, she did say she was enjoying pregnancy but definitely couldn’t wait until the second trimester. Morning sickness usually only lasts for the first 12 weeks, but some expectant mothers can have it for longer.

Before revealing that she is having a girl, Clarkson announced that they have already chosen a name. She told Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen Show back in December that they have a gender neutral name since it was chosen before the ultrasound.

The actual name has not yet been revealed, but the star said that it was random. However, she did backtrack to confirm that it was nothing weird like “Blue Jazz.” The mention of the “random name” came after DeGeneres tried to guess the name of the baby, opting for common gender neutral names like Pat or Chris.

The first American Idol winner also told DeGeneres that everything people say about pregnancy is a lie. She announced that she has no glow, her hair falls out and doesn’t shine, and her nails are short. However, that does not stop her from enjoying this special time.

The 31-year-old has been very vocal about her struggles during the pregnancy, particularly the morning sickness. It was actually the morning sickness that made her share her pregnancy news in the first place. She has taken to Twitter with updates and sharing when she has finally found something that she can stomach. One of the latest was baked potatoes.

This is the first child for Clarkson, but the third of her husband. The singer has spent time with her husband’s two children from a previous marriage, 12-year-old Savanna and six-year-old Seth. Blackstock’s ex-wife had nothing bad to say about the star either. In fact, she said that she “couldn’t ask for a better stepmother” for her children. The comments came shortly after Clarkson and Blackstock tied the knot in October 2013, 10 months after they announced their engagement.

Clarkson continues to share her pregnancy news on Twitter, and revealing that she is having a girl is just the latest.

By Alexandria Ingham

CBS News

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