Kelly Osbourne Fills Her Time After Split With Justin Bieber

Kelly Osbourne

That’s right, Kelly Osbourne, rock princess and daughter of Ozzy Osbourne, fills her spare time after split to Matthew Mosshart receiving a graffiti lesson from pop sensation Justin Bieber. The star took Osbourne out on a late night stroll, in order to show off his developing bad-boy hobby, which has recently landed him in trouble with the police, and showed her how to handle a spray can.

Pictures of their work have been uploaded onto their Instagram accounts. Below one image, Kelly Osbourne posts about how much fun she has had with Bieber, and that although she was s**t and only sprayed on the horns, she thoroughly enjoyed her lessons and is now a transformed Bilieber (fan).

Kelly is reportedly looking forward to a new year with new beginnings, and what better way than to spend it getting back to her old school rebellious roots, on a random and fun night with Justin Bieber! Although the star wanted to stay away from the press with regards of further questioning about her recent split, it seems she is more than happy to publicize her graffiti and show she is out enjoying herself, rather than suffocating in self pity. Onlookers applaud Osbourne as she takes to the streets to overcome her heartbreak, although the separation has been reported as mutual.

Kelly OsbourneNevertheless, with Biebers newly found graffiti addiction getting him into trouble with the Brazilian police last year, let’s hope that Kelly Osbourne will only be following his lessons in art, and not on clashing with the law. She did however tweet a message on twitter, reflecting admirably on perception and showing that she is not going to let the split monopolize her days. She stated that sometimes the bad things that happen in life are not really bad, because it gives people a chance to learn, and as Kelly Osbourne fills her time after her split with Justin Bieber, she shows she is learning new skills in more ways than one.

The couple have reportedly decided to end their engagement maintaining the utmost respect for one another. As Kelly is famous in her own right for her talents in acting, performing, designing and presenting, the star has much to look forward to in the new year. She also recently tweeted a quote by Margaret Shepard, saying “sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith”, so if these are the words of wisdom she is going to live by in the new year, it proves Kelly is accepting the changes ahead of her, and that she will have faith that everything will turn out for the best and lead her onto the right path.

As Kelly Osbourne fills her time after her split with Matthew Mosshart graffiting with Justin Bieber, her fans are relieved that she is trying to make the best out of a bad situation. No breakups are easy, whether mutual or not, and she has the support of many behind her. With her newborn love for pop sensation Bieber, maybe he will continue to give her graffiti lessons in order to help the star along her next journey.


By Melissa McDonald





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