Kelly Osbourne Splits From Her Fiancé

Kelly OsbourneKelly Osbourne has split from her fiancé, Matthew Mosshart. It comes just a month after she made the claim that their relationship was “true love.”

Osbourne and Mosshart met in the summer of 2011 when they both attended Kate Moss’ wedding. They started dating by the end of the year and have been together for two years now. Mosshart popped the question while they were on a romantic holiday together in Anguilla during the summer. At the time, 29-year-old Osbourne informed The Daily Mail that they enjoyed spending time with each other but dismissed the idea that they were co-dependent.

According to Osbourne’s rep, the split was a decision between the two of them. They have not ended on bad terms and still have the “utmost respect” for one another. Details and the reason have not yet been, and will likely not be, released. The separated couple ask for privacy and decorum, but it is not something that they expect from the press.

The first sign of trouble was on January 8 when the star of Fashion Police tweeted a cryptic message. Within it she mentioned bad things happening in life and it all being about perception. Her message also included a sentiment about learning from the bad things. The last time the couple were seen together was on December 12 in Hollywood, but there were a series of photos of them over Christmas posing together were posted on Instagram.

Osbourne splitting from her fiancé is likely to be a shock to many fans. Unlike some celebrity relationships, this was not one that most would see coming. During the whole Christmas period she would tweet about her happiness.

Sharon Osbourne, mother of the 29-year-old, explained that the wedding was going to be a traditionally English one at the Osbourne Buckinghamshire home. The intention was to have a July wedding with her overseeing the arrangements. This would not be the first wedding for her children. Her son, Jack, was married in 2012.

The daughter of legendary Ozzy Osbourne explained that she only wanted children with Matthew, and would like a boy or girl. She did state that she wanted to live in Britain, to avoid having her children call her “mom” instead of the British way “mum.” She is in no rush for children though and is happily playing auntie to her brother’s daughter, Pearl.

There has been no mention about how Mosshart is handling the breakup or whether he was the one who instigated it. Mosshart is the vegan chef brother of The Kills’ Alison Mosshart. Osbourne often tweeted about her fiancé’s delicious food, thankful for it after a long 12-hour day at work.

Her reps have stated that she is starting 2014 fresh and will be looking forward to the rest of the year. It is a fresh beginning for the Fashion Police celebrity.

New episodes of Fashion Police have been shown, where Osbourne is still wearing her ring. However, those episodes were filmed before the Christmas period at a time before Obsourne split from her fiancé.

By Alexandria Ingham

Us Weekly

Daily Mail

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