Kesha Is Bulimic, Not Alcoholic Says Mother


On Jan. 3, young superstar Kesha made headlines when she announced that she would be “unavailable” for the next 30 days as she was entering into Timberline Knolls, a facility where she intended to seek treatment for an eating disorder. Now her mother, Pebe Sebert, is speaking out with an announcement that her daughter has suffered from bulimia since about 2009, but is not an alcoholic.

Sebert, 57, made the statement amid a flurry of rumors that her daughter is seeking treatment for alcoholism in addition to an eating disorder. Sebert vehemently denied that there was any truth to those rumors. Sebert, a recovering alcoholic and drug addict herself was quoted as saying of her daughter “She might have a few drinks here and there, but she doesn’t have a drinking problem.”

Sebert went on to explain that Kesha has witnessed her mother’s struggle with drugs and alcohol over the years and as a result would never become an alcoholic or addict herself. Sebert reported that Kesha started accompanying her to AA meeting’s  from a very young age and has always said that “she never wanted to do what I did.”

Sebert also took some time to comment on what she believes to be the impetus behind her daughter’s development of an eating disorder. Kesha has reportedly told friends that she blames music producer Lukash Sebastian Gottwald, better known as “Dr. Luke,” for the onset of her eating disorder and her mother seems to agree that Dr. Luke, among others, shares the responsibility. Sebert apparently explained that she believes that Dr. Luke’s “fat-shaming” comments put a tremendous amount of pressure on the young up-and-coming star and fueled her unhealthy approach to weight loss.

According to Sebert, Kesha was dieting for several months after having signed with Dr. Luke when he told her she just wasn’t thin enough and the problem escalated. She further reported that Kesha had “an advisor” at one point that encouraged her to use drugs to suppress her appetite and lose weight quickly. The unnamed advisor  also allegedly once told Kesha that she needed to lose at least 15 pounds in 30 days preceding an important meeting with a record company. Sebert alleges that bulimia runs rampant among celebrities in the music industry.

Dr. Luke reportedly denies having any role in the development of Kesha’s eating disorder and further denies that he ever made any “fat-shaming” comments toward the 26-year-old phenom.

Sebert said she didn’t recognize the problem at first and believed her daughter when she initially reported that her weight loss was simply a result of running and eating healthier foods.

About a week after Kesha admitted herself  for treatment of her bulimia at Timberline Knolls, reports emerged that her mother would be seeking help at the Chicago facility as well. Sebert reported that she would be seeking treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder at the center, at the urging of her daughter. At the time, Sebert was quoted as saying “This whole Dr. Luke thing has almost torn our family apart and taken over my life, and Kesha wants me to heal along with her.”

By Michele Wessel