Kim Kardashian Did Not Enjoy Pregnancy

Kim Kardashian did not enjoy pregnancy

Kim Kardashian absolutely loves her baby girl, but she readily admits that she did not enjoy her pregnancy because of all the complications she experienced.  The reality-TV star revealed to Ellen, on Friday, that carrying daughter North West, was a “head trip,” reflecting that a woman’s body goes through a mountain of changes which can be taxing mentally. Kardashian says preeclampsia led to an early delivery, and was just one of many difficulties throughout her pregnancy that she did not enjoy. She admitted to Ellen that her “labor” was uncomplicated, but that carrying her child came with medical episodes that she would not want any woman to deal with. A touchy subject that made Kardashian the punchline of many jokes was her excessive weight gain. Being in the public eye, “it was not easy,” and the reality says that anyone who thinks otherwise may not always be truthful. Though she did not enjoy her pregnancy, Kardashian has not ruled out having more children with fiance, Kanye West.  She even joked with Ellen that she could entertain having six little ones running around. On the show, the reality-star reflected on all the pain she went through in her carrying her child, but expressed that it was all worth in the end.  One would think that for anyone, there would be an overwhelming amount guilt when a person does not enjoy her pregnancy. The uncomfortable feeling an expecting mother deals with hormonally could affect a person’s maternal conscious. One thing that is wonderful is Kardashian’s assurance that West is the best dad; “hands-on,” says the reality-star. However, she admits he is not into diaper changing, but if a situation presented itself, and he just had to, she knows he would step up. The feeling of having a really supportive companion makes not enjoying her pregnancy a distant memory. What is a good memory is the time Kardashian spends with her precious little one. Unlike her fiance, she loves changing diapers because it allows her those one-on-one bonding moments with North, and she lovingly mentioned her daughter was already trying to talk. Amid all the baby talk, Kardashian did get the chance to talk briefly about her upcoming nuptials. She hinted that it could happen this summer and overseas. She appears really happy and is content with how her life is moving along. Despite tabloid chatter, she loves her fiance and even more, their little princess. It looks like motherhood is wearing well on Kardashian, much like the designer labels she is frequently photographed in. Being focused on what really matters in life keeps the reality-star grounded when it comes to her family. It seems Kardashian has finally figured out what really matters at the end of the day. When she announced her pregnancy, many people assumed that she would be too self-absorbed to love anyone else besides herself. What is refreshing about a woman who is used to be photographed on every whim is that she now finds joy in sharing pictures of another beautiful girl, North West. Before she left the set of Ellen, she shared a few pictures of her adorable little one; there’s the one where she is piggybacking with daddy West, and then there is the other two with North modeling her signature look… headbands. Kardashian seems right where she wants to be, and that whole thing of not enjoying her pregnancy is indeed a thing of the past. She is enjoying love and in all the right places. Editorial By La Tasha Taylor Sources: Los Angeles Times

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  1. Kat   January 31, 2014 at 1:13 pm

    I can understand that! I had preclampsia, toxemia from it and spent a month in the hospital before being induced 2 months early. I felt awful and everyone around me thought I was over reacting, when in fact, my organs were failing. It’s only occurs in 4% of pregnancy so a lot of people don’t understand. Kudos to her for wanting more since I am afraid to since preeclampsia is the #1 cause of death in pregnant women!


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