Lena Dunham Is on The Cover of Vogue

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If one happens to watch the show Girls on HBO then it is possible the names of more than one or two supermodels from this decade, are unknown but Lena is known. If Vogue magazine is read regularly, more than likely its readers did not know about the show Girls, or about its writer, Lena Dunham, until the February issue was picked up.

When the two worlds collide and Lena Dunham is on the cover of Vogue, what is happening?

Making a Vogue cover is a top achievement, signifying a certain level of stardom for supermodels, actresses and performers. For a woman like Lena Dunham, Vogue is never really the goal, but what female in her right mind says no when Anna Wintour calls?

The new attitude seems to be: a woman does not have to be a certain size to be Vogue-worthy anymore. Instead, if an individual embraces their talent and

Feb. issue Vogue
Feb. issue Vogue

works insanely hard on their craft, that hard work and subsequent success can earn them a spot on the cover of a beauty magazine.

Is Anna Wintour, Vogue’s Editor-in-Chief, expanding the definition of a Vogue woman? One magazine cover choice by Ms. Wintour could be changing the message we send to the next generation of young women and men who look to the pages. Most importantly, the cover of Vogue for guidance and quite literally, (role) models.

The Lena Dunham cover story makes headlines because its implications extend beyond one month’s printed publication. Lena may not be making any best-dressed lists, but she has won a Golden Globe, among other awards. Additionally, she will certainly win more for her brain, her hard work and her dedication to the craft of writing television shows and films.

Young people everywhere, take note: Lena is a 27-year-old woman who creates stories and figures out how to bring them to life. She did not wait to be discovered; she got things done. She had several films produced, one being Tiny Furniture, before she was connected with Judd Apatow and Girls became a part of HBO’s lineup.

Lena Dunham’s writing is smart and vulnerable. Her characters are raw and unique, yet “relateable” and likable. Lena is not afraid to show her own struggles, blind spots, or screw-ups as Hannah on Girls. She bares it all, literally – walking around in her underwear and writing naked and often awkward, sex scenes for her own character.

The cover of Vogue, only featuring Lena Dunham’s face, does not seem to be because of any insecurity on her end. The cover photo is fun, artistically done and poses some great questions: “what is beauty to you?” What has society been declaring as beautiful or sexy? What is a cover girl and why should a woman let anyone else determine what makes her beautiful?

Lena Dunham: writer, director, actor and Vogue cover material. There is so much in store for this woman who is not afraid to be herself in a world of “shoulds” and prototypes for attractiveness. What a perfect (role) model for 2014. Agree or disagree? Share in the comments.

By K. Corrine Van Vliet