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We Americans celebrate our freedom this Independence Day. In honor of that we pay tribute to the greatest underdogs in the history of sports.

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The Guardian Liberty Voice is ushering in a new era in journalism. In fact, we’re redefining what a newspaper is and embracing today’s technology to benefit the public. The days of advertiser-dictated news delivery are over and the internet has made this possible. Through the unique power of citizen journalism, we’ve escaped the muzzle of corporate America. You see, huge newspaper brands strive to bring you balanced coverage of newsworthy events and information, but they have an Achilles Heel, and that heel is pierced not by the arrow of a fictional deity but by advertising dollars, corporate interests and governmental concerns.

Guardian Liberty Voice is different: We’re not tethered to any corporate or governmental interests as we deliver information to you because we’re powered exclusively by content from you, the citizens of the United States, as well as citizens of other countries that contribute to our publication. Our journalists are just regular folks who happen to have a talent for writing and research. They come to us from all walks of life. Our writers’ opinions run the gamut from one end of the political spectrum to the other and everywhere in between. There is no overseeing entity telling us what we can and cannot say.

In a regular newsroom, much attention is given to the concerns of advertisers. In fact, one of our journalists was told, in her previous position, that a restaurant review she wrote was “too negative.” Why? Because that restaurant was an advertiser with the paper, and that fact wasn’t hidden from the reporter; rather, it was freely disclosed to her as a matter of status quo. Now take that one example and apply it to the major networks. By doing this, a clear picture of extreme censorship begins to unfold.

Censorship from corporate sponsors or political interest is of no concern to the team at Guardian Liberty Voice because we’re funded by technology and readership. We answer to no one but you, the people, because we, too, are the people. We bring you citizen-run news and information, and we bring it to you from every outlook and philosophy under the sun. We are not intimidated by advertisers or worried about who might be offended at the political level. We bring you the truth as seen by an incredibly diverse set of intellects; unsullied by outside interests. We represent all angles, all viewpoints, all narratives, all stories. When you dive into our paper you dive into a world of complex and varied insights you simply can’t get anywhere else.

But it’s not simply opinions that we deliver, although we certainly publish plenty of op-eds. We deliver real facts based on supported research. Our hard news stories are reviewed by a team of senior editors to ensure an unbiased approach. Our opinion writers are required to back up their statements with verified and respected research: peer reviewed studies, expert testimony, published quotations and statistics provided by reputable sources.

Our key concern is quality. We don’t accept just any writer; we demand excellence from our staff members. While we are citizen journalists, we are also gifted wordsmiths. Our elite team of editors is comprised of professionals who have training and experience in a variety of fields, including journalism.

Guardian Liberty Voice is committed to bringing you the truth, even if that truth may at times be uncomfortable to hear.

The influence of the mainstream media has decided elections, made careers – or ruined them – and brought down powerful figures; sometimes with justification and, sometimes, without. We, at Guardian Liberty Voice have no special affinity with the political structure of the United States. We have no wish to bring down the innocent, but neither will we ignore the crimes of the guilty.

We pledge to bring you the facts, as well as researched analysis and reasoned opinion. We are one of the few publications in America that offers views from every sociological and political angle.

Our readers will find breaking news, entertainment and sports stories; they will find political news as well as analysis and opinion – from both Right and Left – and each side presented with equal passion; they will discover science, technology and health features, both mainstream and alternative; they will be provided with coverage of developing stories from around the world. Guardian Liberty Voice will continue to grow and to expand its reach, introducing new sections and features while remaining true to its founding principles. We value our readers and their opinions. We encourage feedback and comment, so long as it obeys the general rules of civilized discourse. We will never censor or refuse a comment unless it is obscene or is intended to deliberately incite hatred or violence.

Technology has given us the power to make our voices heard, but as the old saying goes, “with great power comes great responsibility.” It is our pledge to you, our readers, that we will honor that responsibility to bring you objective, fact-based news as well as editorials that span a wide spectrum of viewpoints. We welcome everyone into the dialogue, from all points on the spectrum – the left, the right, the moderate, the religious, the non-religious, the liberal, the conservative, and everyone in between. The U.S. was founded on a similar platform. While America’s forefathers may have engaged in passionate shouting at each other when trying to give birth to the United States, one thing they all agreed upon was that everyone had the right to speak.

This is an exciting time for us. We have come a long way in a short period of time and we are about to challenge the ‘establishment’ publications for a place at the apex of news and opinion journalism. We sincerely hope that you will join us on this journey. You will not be disappointed. The truth about the things that affect you is about to be available in one place: Guardian Liberty Voice.



This website was first conceived as a print newspaper to be distributed in and around the Las Vegas, Nevada area. While originally founded by DiMarkco Chandler, the company began to emerge as a real media player when Bonito Sahagun decided to provide his professional expertise to complete the partnership now known as Frackle Media Group.

Guardian Liberty Voice newspaper, led by Frackle Media, moved away from printing newspapers after 22 consecutive publication weeks and began to focus their efforts online.

Since its February 2012 launch, Guardian Liberty Voice has turned the corner from start-up to a legitimate online newspaper.

Guardian Liberty Voice publisher has been quoted as saying:

I spent 10 years working on a BA, MA and PhD before I saw any real fruit from my labor, but during that period I gained knowledge and experience. Thus, what we offer is a real opportunity for writers and reporters to grow their talent and skills in a professional journalistic environment. No time clocks, no pressure, just peer accountability. Your work will be subjected to 2,500,000 verifiable readers per month. Do you have that many verifiable viewers on your blog? If you do, you definitely don’t need us.

That said, Guardian Liberty Voice is a Las Vegas based newspaper with a broad scope that includes national and world news. They offer their readers relevant news, commentaries and amusement to inform, inspire and enhance the quality of life for members of a culturally diverse world community. Their news stories aim to expose injustice and corruption, which can undermine the liberties and freedoms cherished by all. Ultimately, Guardian Liberty Voice seeks to provide a safe platform from which to sound the diverse voices of the wonderful world community, encouraged always by today’s successes and tomorrow’s possibilities.

Articles vary in number and include such category topics as science, business, health, religion, politics, entertainment, technology, sports etc.

Guardian Liberty Voice strives to be original and to provide fresh breaking news stories and opinions around the clock, 7 days a week.